The Chronological Format

The chronological format offers a historical timeline of your work experience. The recognizing trademark is that descriptions of what you did and how well you did it are gathered together with the business data.


It’s true that employers mostly prefer the chronological format. The employer, who usually holds the upper hand in the supply-demand model, can better evaluate what the candidate has to offer. Most hiring managers have an inborn interest about what you’ve done and where you’ve done it. A consistent, clear ordered organization answered their inquiries.

Resume Sections in the Chronological Format

The majority of the resume is devoted to this Employment History area, In most cases, your latest employer is listed first, and your least recent employer is recorded last. Other resume areas, such as affiliations, accomplishments, licenses, certifications, areas of expertise or education generally follow the Resume Experience Section.

Chronological Format Strengths

The chronological resume format is effectively processed and won’t raise suspicions that you are endeavoring to cover up professional failures, such as a former conviction as a serial job hopper. A chronological format most evident advantages are these:

  • Shows that you are qualified to take the next step in your professional vocation.
  • Stands out impressive employers who will add strength to your credentials: strong position, name recognitions, training programs or licenses.
  • Exhibitions a progression of increasingly responsible positions, particularly favored by official enrollment specialists and basic leadership sheets for administration and top-level official positions.
  • Answers the employer’s question of whether your work history has been steady.

Chronological Format Weaknesses

If your professional history in not in great shape, it will show every experience shortage. The chronological resume format can make you feel a bit naked.

Chronological resume template

Johnstone Boulevard                                 (714) 555-5555
Laguna Niguel, CA 92321                      

Publishing Industry



MARKETING MANAGER—International Publishing, Los Angeles, CA               2000–Present

Manage marketing for $25 million careers list. Develop product strategies, marketing materials, sales tools, and advertisements for international sales force of 500. Hire, train, and manage marketing assistants. Forecast and manage operating budgets and sales goals. Personally sell to and service universities and retail booksellers. Promote product at trade shows and book fairs.

♦ Delivered 27% sales growth through development of innovative international marketing strategies.
♦ Doubled individual sales volume from $149,000 to $312,000, an unprecedented increase for territory.
♦ Led region of 10 reps in sales volume, achieving 22% above goal (well above company average of 8%).
♦ Initially challenged with turnaround of product line that had not been serviced in over a year; successfully converted key clients from primary competitor and captured new nationwide sales.

FIELD SALES REPRESENTATIVE—Eastern Publishing Company, New York, NY        1996-2000

Generated sales for Mathematics Division in seven western states and three Canadian provinces.
♦ Gained access to prestigious clients, such as Stanford University and UC Berkeley (previously “no see” accounts).
♦ Increased sales in territory that had a several-year history of stagnant sales.

INSIDE SALES REPRESENTATIVE—Harcourt Publishing Company, San Francisco, CA 1991-1996

Promoted 100+ item catalogue of computer science, physics, mathematics, science, and nursing textbooks to college bookstore market in California, Nevada, and Oregon.
♦ Increased territory sales 30% to rank #1 in division (with no prior industry knowledge).
♦ Researched and uncovered potential reviewers and new authors.


Bachelor of Science, Political Science—University of California, Berkeley         1991
Professional Selling Skills Training (PSS)


MS Office (PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Access), WordPerfect, Lotus Notes, MSIE, Employee Appraiser

When use Reordered Chronological Resume?

In the Reordered Chronological Resume they are lists job experience in chronological “groupings” rather than in a strict, reverse-chronological list. Use this format when you don’t want to list your most recent experience first.

A Reordered Chronological Format Helped Albert

Look here how to create a reordered chronological format. Think back over your chronological work experience, bracket common jobs, and dole out an industry or expert label to each of those bunches. Presently orchestrate those downright marks with the most pertinent experience to begin with, paying little respect to the dates.

In analyzing Albert Foreman’s format, you will see that he had 10 years of experience in retail, followed by 10 years in real estate. To help with his move back to retail, his resume records this more established experience first under the heading “Retail Sales and Management” and the later experience second under the heading “Additional Sales Experience.”

Chronological resume template from Albert

432 East Millerton
Palo Alto, California 94340
(630) 442-3413


RETAIL MANAGEMENT: Qualified for career opportunities where ability to enhance retail operations, control labor/shrinkage, and affect net margins will be of value. Ten-year history with leading retailers includes multidisciplinary experience in:
■ Staff Recruitment/Supervision
■ Trend Analysis/Forecasting
■ Sales/Management Development
■ Receiving/Pricing
■ Merchandising/Display
■ Inventory Management
■ Advertising/Promotions
■ Security/Loss Prevention

Articulate communicator with ability to motivate others through leadership modeling and consensus building. Noted by customers, management, and staff as ethical, intelligent, and hardworking.


Sales Associate/Store Manager—Fashion Threads, Palo Alto, California     1985-1988

Assistant Manager—Miller’s Outpost, Sacramento, California             1980-1985

Sales Associate/Management Trainee—The May Company, Los Angeles, California 1978-1980

Highlights: Accountable for profit performance of high-volume store located in regional mall. Supervised sales team of up to 65. Scope of responsibility extended to staffing, merchandising/display, advertising copywriting, credit approval, buyer input, stock transfers, receiving, and corporate accounting. Reporting functions included daily sales, productivity, inventory, and stock control. Experienced in men’s suits, men’s trend, and shoes.
❑ Trained and developed inexperienced sales staff to perform among top 10% of sales producers.
❑ Initiated a telephone “thank you campaign that increased repeat customer purchases by 25%.
❑ Promoted to management position based on record-setting sales performance; continued to maintain personal sales production while handling full store management responsibilities.


Broker Associate—Gunther Mather Real Estate, Palo Alto, California          1990–Present
Sales Associate—Caldwell Banker Real Estate, Palo Alto, California          1988-1990

Highlights: Veteran skills as commissioned sales associate in highly competitive real estate market. Set sales goals, formulated marketing strategies, advertised product, generated leads, presented features and benefits, overcame buyer objections, and closed sales. Excellent service and follow-up skills. Well-versed in financing, investment strategies, and structuring of complex transactions and exchanges.
❑ Earned top industry honors seven consecutive years as member of Million Dollar Plus Club. Li Built substantial repeat and referral business based on knowledge and dependable service.
❑ Very early in career, generated sales volume comparable to experienced sales professionals.


Bachelor of Arts degree, Political Science—University of California, Berkeley

A Reordered Chronological Resume Strengths

  • Positions your Highlights at the focal center of the resume.
  • A great system for people with strong work history who need to pursue opportunities that relate to older, more dated experience.

A Reordered Chronological Resume Weaknesses

  • If your work experience doesn’t pleasantly fit into 2 or 3 groupings strong number of years of experience for every experience, you will presumably be better off with a functional format.
  • Think deliberately before utilizing this resume organization. In the Reordered Chronological Resume there must be some similarity of order and logic to it, or you’ll befuddle the employer.

When use Dateless Chronological Resume?

The Chronological format is a great method if you’re getting back to your career after a professional hiatus. There are events when it may profit you to follow the traditional chronological layout but simply omit dates. You might be another graduate who has many short-term internship and volunteer experiences. These short stretches or simultaneous dates may seem confounding and reduce the effect of the resume experience.

A Dateless Chronological Format Helped Julia

Julia had a strong work history before having children (and leave her workforce). Now she want to return to work and use this chronological resume without dates to downplay a some year hiatus. It chronological resume has worked especially well in light of her positions with prestigious employers.

Chronological resume template from Julia

7 Calton Court
Felton, California 94234
(408) 434-2461


SALES CHALLENGES that will draw on my 14-year career, which includes the following:
❖ Consistent history of exceeding sales quotas for Fortune 500 employers.
❖ Top performer status among 17 regional sales representatives.
❖ Proven ability to train inexperienced sales representatives to perform in top 10% of sales force.


❖ Sales Representative—PROCTER & GAMBLE, Cincinnati, Ohio

Increased sales and maintained market distribution for seven consumer product brands. Managed 100-sq.mi. territory. Implemented marketing and sales strategies for promotional allowances, product displays, and volume discounts. Managed key account contracts and warehouse inventory, distribution, and sales accounting issues.

  • Generated average annual increases of 19% for five consecutive years, a record for the district.
  • Recognized as first sales representative to develop chain account (normally managed by district managers); consulted client on marketing/pricing concepts that built account sales to $35,000 per year.
  • Increased number of accounts signed to contract from 45% to 75%; additionally improved contract compliance from 45% to 95%.

❖ Sales Representative—HERSHEY FOODS, Fresno, California

Sold products for Pasta Division, managing central state territory. Established new accounts and developed existing accounts. Prioritized objectives and analyzed sales data to ensure profitable territory management.

  • Played key role in product launch of $20 million 12-SKU product line, securing maximum distribution in all accounts.
  • Earned President’s Club honors (one of 17) for outstanding sales performance.

❖ Marketing & Sales Representative—DUBAY ENTERPRISES, Fresno, California

Managed marketing and promotional activities for southeastern United States territory. Recruited, selected, and oversaw area distributors. Designed and conducted special programs and promotions.

  • Gained strong market share (12% increase) for hobby ceramic products.
  • Planned successful industry trade convention attended by international group of 350.


BACHELOR OF ARTS DEGREE—California State University, Fresno

❖ Major: Industrial Technology—Minor: Advertising Design
❖ Coursework included the equivalent of a Minor in Business

References on Request

Dateless Chronological Resume Strengths

  • Permits the hiring manager concentrate on the substance of your work experience rather than the length of your employment.
  • Ideal for people who have been out of the employment market for a period but whose prior career path has been generally faultless.
  • Takes out disarray about overlapping or concurrent work assignments.

Dateless Chronological Resume Weaknesses

Increase the suspicions that job aspirant don’t have much experience. You should counter this by including a well-written statement in your resume objective or cover letter that gives an idea of how long you’ve been working.