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Administration Industry Resume Templates

Commercial administration resume templates


If you want to work in the area of commercial administration, you may want to know about relevant information that helps you to have a better resume to present at the moment of the job application. Indeed, we know that you may have different roles, and your resume must reflect your ability to complete the assigned role. The size of the company is always linked to your job title; so, make sure that you have made a research about the company first before you send your resume. If you would like to know what it is needed to work in Commercial Administration, you may want to take these courses:

  • Finance.
  • Business/Management.
  • Accountancy.
  • Other courses may also be preferred, consult it with an advisor at your university or with someone else who has already worked in Commercial Administration.

Let’s talk about what you should emphasize on your resume. First of all, we recommend you to make emphasis on similar jobs that you have applied in the past. Preferably jobs that deal with business and finances. You may have a broad selection of talents, but choose the ones that are the most relevant to the job itself. Certainly, your ability to make good literary criticism isn’t essential to the knowledge of the hiring manager. If you add it to your resume, you may be wasting important information that is actually more relevant.

As someone who is working in Commercial Administration, your employer will expect you to have excellent leadership skills because you will be managing complicated tasks that is mainly related to the success of the company. It is your job to maintain a high productivity. It is your job to represent your company as one of the best within your market. It is your job to know how to apply your actual knowledge to the business itself. Employers value someone who can take practical decisions based on a serious evaluation of the situation itself. You definitely need to be a dynamic person to work in such a complicated area.

It is probably not so easy to write commercial administration business templates because after all, a commercial administrator is in charge of so many difficult and time-demanding tasks (planning, organizing, staffing, commanding, controlling, budgeting) that some people may find it difficult to place relevant information without tiring the reader.

Here are Commercial Administration resume templates you can print, download and send to somebody, please choose:

Resumes for Commercial administration


Public Bodies Administration resume templates

If you plan to work in this sector, you must know that you are actually protecting the interests of the public sector, not the private sector. You will be taking over a regulatory role, which means that you will be likely to work as an administrator or as an auditor.

Auditors, for example, work in a wide variety of public settings. They make sure that everything is in order; they verify that the companies have followed the exact rules and regulations specified by the government itself. All auditors work independently. There are various types of audits, but we will mention a couple of them.

Quality Audits: These audits basically report that everything is of high quality. They report if the companies have taken the necessary corrective measures as it was indicated to them.

Energy Audits: These audits are basically focused on energy conservation; they evaluate if the company has been able to operate efficiently by reducing the waste of resources. They are meant to contribute to the conservation of the environment itself.

Other auditors basically work in the financial aspect of the companies. There are two types of auditors:

  • External auditor, or statutory advisor,
  • And Internal Auditor.

Both of them work for different people. External auditors are independent from the company/organization that is audited, and internal auditors work independently but they are employed by the organization/company that is audited.

Now that we have talked about auditors and their different roles, we will talk a little about Public Administration in general. Its main role is to serve the government, but there are various roles that you can take once that you decide to work in Public Administration. However, we would like to indicate that you will definitely need to have a vast extensive work experience in order to apply for a job in Public Administration. There is indeed a master’s degree in Public Administration in case you are trying to expand your career. You will learn a lot about administrative law, separation of powers, public policy, policy analysis, and so on.

To have a better public administration resume, you should also consider to obtain a doctoral degree (Ph.D in Public Administration) if you have enough time to obtain a complicated degree.

Some of the best universities with a strong program in Public Administration are:

  • Syracuse University.
  • University of Georgia.
  • Indiana University
  • Harvard University
  • Indiana University- Bloomington.

If you are, for example, an auditor or an administrative assistant, you should check the list of public bodies administration resume templates that we have posted below. These resumes will help you to have an idea of what you should include in your resume. These resumes are redacted in a way that it is easy to read and detect the most relevant things.

Here are Public Bodies Administration resume templates you can print, download and send to somebody, please choose:

Resumes for Public Bodies Administration



Administrative Assistant

Secretarial Services resume templates

Reporters and the clerks belong to this field. Their roles will be described in this section. In general, both of them need to have great organization skills in order to perform well. Other than that, their skills are actually too different to establish a similarity between both of them. Let’s talk about the roles of clerks and court reporters each:

Clerks: They will need to be patient because they will be dealing with clients all time. This means that they will be greeting them, and they must be willing to answer any type of question or complaint that comes from the customers. This will leave a good impression about the company to the customers who will be glad to stay there while they are waiting for someone or something else. Of course, their work as clerks is more specific, they also schedule appointments because their employers do not have the time to arrange appointments inside and outside the company.

Clerks also attend the phone and write reports when needed. They also write dictated letters and send them to their respective receivers. They may perform some bookkeeping duties but these are often given to accountants; however, clerks can perform simple bookkeeping if it is necessary. The effectiveness of a clerk is often measured by how much time it saves to their employers/supervisors.

If you are wondering about the skills that a clerk must have, these are:

  • Strong communication skills.
  • Typing skills.
  • Good accounting skills.
  • Must be able to follow instructions clearly.
  • Courteous attitude.

Court reporters: Court reporters basically type verbatim that is said in the courts. This is why a court reporter needs to pay attention at all times. If you plan to be a court reporter, you need to excel several tests that evaluate your typing skills. These tests are simply complicated, and it takes a lot of time and effort to pass it. It is said that the percentages of court reporting students is too small because the tests are just too hard. In your resume, you should include the number of words per minute that you can type.

As a court reporter, you need to have good written and spoken skills, and pay attention to all details. You can apply to court reporting associations in order to give some value to your resume. These associations have several requirements, and it is your mission to fulfill them. These are the three court reporting associations:

  • The National Court Reporters Association- 225 words per minute
  • The National Verbatim Reporters Association- 250 words per minute
  • American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers- An accurate 98% on transcriptions.

You can also apply to other certifications if you want to.

Let’s suppose that you want to be a court reporter or a clerk. You are in the right section because this is where you will find secretarial services resume templates that will help you to redact a resume correctly. Determine your objective and state it on your resume. Those who perform secretarial services are often performing several tasks at the same time.

Resumes for Secretarial Services

Court Reporter


Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations Resume Templates

Advertising resume templates

The world of advertising is too competitive. You should be prepared to be creative at all times. Indeed, advertisers often have a broad knowledge about the kind of products and services that the public may or not like. However, advertisers must know how to present the product as something that looks interesting and valuable in order to encourage purchases. Now, let’s talk about the diverse types of advertising that are present in diverse places:

  • TV Advertising: Most candidates apply to TV advertising jobs because it is one of the most used forms of advertising.
  • Radio Advertising: Radio is still used as one of the most effective advertising tools. As surprising as it may sound, there is still a high percentage of people in the USA that listen to the radio.
  • Online Advertising: Its practice has been incremented due to the fact that the number of web users is high.
  • Press Advertising: It is another way to advertise products or services.
  • Billboard Advertising: The billboard ads are placed on strategic locations where the public can appreciate the ad itself without any distractions.

Since each type of advertising intends to reach a specific audience, it is your job to demonstrate that you have knowledge about these forms of advertising. You need to specify the kind of work experience that you’ve obtained within the world of advertising. Indeed, you must adapt your resume to the job description which means that you should include relevant information that talks about your experience in the world of advertising. Even though there are many ways to advertise a product, your resume should take emphasis on the type of advertising that the employer is looking for.

Now, if you would like to obtain a formal education in an advertising school before you send your resume, you may consider any of these universities:

  • Miami Ad School: It is located in Miami, Florida.
  • Academy of Art University: It is located in San Francisco, California.
  • School of Visual Arts: It is located in New York, New York.

The skills needed to work in commercial art/advertising are:

  • Organization skills.
  • Knowledge about media.
  • Communication skills.
  • Leadership skills.
  • Creativity.

Make sure to include them in your resume because these are some of the keywords that your employer will be looking for.

Resumes for Advertising

Advertising Executive

Commercial Artist

Marketing resume templates

When you send your marketing resume, it is elemental to send a resume that reflects your capacity to create and implement marketing strategies. Without a doubt, your ability to create marketing strategies will be questioned. We are going to make a list about the most important concepts that you must know within the world of marketing. If you have not understood completely the meaning of these concepts, or you are unaware of their significance, you will not have a solid resume that guarantees a job interview.

Some of these marketing concepts are:

  • Product marketing.
  • Distribution.
  • Brand Management.
  • Strategy.
  • Activation.
  • Advertising.
  • Retail.
  • Pricing.

Demonstrate your ability to identify the type of customer that has a high probability to buy a specific product or service. Demonstrate how your marketing strategies have helped companies to maintain an excellent productivity. Nowadays, the marketing industry is basically accommodated according to the taste of every customer. For that, a lot of market research is conducted.

It is important to mention that the marketing industry follows the desires, concerns and complaints of all customers and this is why it is constantly improving the characteristics of already existing products. This is why you must show a genuine understanding about how your marketing strategies are directed to satisfy the demands of the customers. In other words, you should have an extensive knowledge about customer orientation. Indeed, if you have conducted several marketing or market research-both terms are completely different- before, you should consider including such important information in your resume. You may even want to indicate the type of research that you have conducted in order to include more details that enrich your resume.

Are you thinking about having a more extensive education background? Consider these excellent marketing schools:

  • University of Minnesota- Twin Cities.
  • University of Iowa.
  • University of Washington- Seattle.
  • Harvard University.
  • Columbia University.

Check these marketing resume templates.

Resumes for Marketing

Marketing Director

Vice president Marketing

Public Relations resume templates

In order to work in the field of Public Relations, you would definitely have to demonstrate an ability to communicate ideas and interests to a specific public that is interested in listening to you. You should understand that you will be representing a company that has its own interests. Depending on your level of work, you may do research, promote dialogue, speak at press conferences, communicate with the rest of the company’s workers, etc.

Indeed, you should mention your capacity to persuade people because this is something that you will be doing frequently if you work in Public Relations. If you have a capacity to do speeches in public, say so. Any kind of talent that is related to the job of a public relations specialist is appreciated because your employer wants to hire a person who is actually fit to work in this industry.

Now we will mention some disciplines that exist within the field of Public Relations. As you can realize, these are the most common ones:

  • Consumer/Lifestyle public relations.
  • Crisis public relations.
  • Industry relations.
  • Government relations.

Public Relations may not be limited to a physical appearance in events. You may even work in Public Relations by writing on blogs and using social networks. You must know how to interact. It is something elemental for any PR specialist. You must know how to clear any questions or to mitigate any doubts. PR specialists often take an informative role which is why they are the first in talking to the public. If you have worked in companies where you took an informative role by taking to a local, nationwide or worldwide public, say so. Information like this should be included in your resume.

The field of public relations demands you to have a strong management of the language. This is why you must know how to express your thoughts without giving much room for misinterpretation. If you are looking to extend your knowledge about the field of public relations, you should consider studying in these universities:

  • Texas A & M University.
  • Temple University
  • Liberty University.
  • University of Vermont.
  • University of Central Arkansas.

If you can handle pressure and have excellent communication skills (both written and verbal) you may fit to work as a public relations specialist. Public relations resume templates often include the applicants’ capacity to attend different company’s issues. It is ideal to write an organized resume that reflects your unique talents as a public relations specialist.

Resumes for Public Relations

Admissions representative

Public relations

Public relations manager

Animal and Plant Resources

Animal Care Resume Templates

If you are thinking about working as a zoologist or as anything else within the industry of animal care, you should present a resume that mentions the most solid points about yourself when it comes to examining and taking care of animals. There is actually a wide range of activities that you can do. We are going to make a small list of usual tasks that are pertinent to zoologists. If you have performed any of them, we recommend that you include them in your resume. This is how you can gain the attention of the hiring manager.

List of activities that are related to a zoologist’s work:

  • Conduct frequent studies about the development of the animals within their natural habitat.
  • Record the number of animals that are present within a specific area.
  • Promote the preservation of natural habitats inside and outside your country.
  • Take care of animals that are in danger of extinction.
  • Collect new species for further identification and examination.
  • Study diseases that attack animals
  • Rescue animals that need care.

Add details when you mention something that is of great interest to the hiring manager. Talk in numbers, if possible. Have you saved many animals? Have you conducted a lot of researches? Have you encouraged the creation of important programs that simplify the life and development of animals? These questions have the purpose to encourage you to evaluate several aspects of your previous jobs. If you do so, you will be able to have a resume that is solid enough to be sent to the hiring manager.

Now that you have all the work details, you should take a considerable time to mention all your skills and talents. This information is usually placed before the work section, and it is something that your hiring manager will be reading. Some of the skills that are expected from zoologists are:

  • Ability to monitor different events.
  • Organization, leadership and communication skills.
  • Excellent use of computers and laboratory equipment and materials.
  • Excellent capacity to develop strategies.
  • Immediate problem solving skills.

Getting a post graduate degree is an excellent idea for those who would like to apply for a higher job position. This is our list of the universities that offer post graduate degrees:

  • Iowa State University
    Zoology and Animal Biology (master’s degree): It is located in Ames, Iowa.
  • Miami University
    Zoology and Animal Biology (master’s degree): It is located in Oxford, Ohio.
  • Michigan State University
    Zoo and Aquarium Management (master’s degree): It is located in East Lansing, Michigan.
  • Oregon State University
    Zoology (master’s degree): It is located in Corvallis, Oregon.
  • Oklahoma State University
    Zoology and Animal Biology (master’s degree): It is located in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Resumes for Animal Care


Charity and Voluntary Work Industry

Charity Administration resume templates

The role of a charity administrator may be so extensive that you should review all your priorities before applying for a charity administration job. You will be dedicating a lot of time to the charity company; so, gather all your energies and be ready for the job if you are hired. In this moment you should drive all your efforts to writing an excellent resume that gains the attention of the reader. This is why we will now tell you about the kind of assignments that a charity administrator may perform. If you have performed any of them, you should mention them but include more details; otherwise, your resume will be seen as vague.

Here is the list of probable assignments:

  • Administration of finances.
  • Filing.
  • Creating and organizing events.
  • Answering e-mails.
  • Creating awareness.
  • Recruiting and training new employees and volunteers.

Now, there are volunteering jobs that are not paid, but they’re still rewarding because you feel that you can make a difference. However, there are other volunteering jobs that are paid, and they are usually long term. These kinds of volunteering jobs are often taken by doctors and engineers for example. Other volunteering jobs are related to the conservation of the environment itself where you are supposed to pay for the cost of the project itself as well as your living costs.

Most of the volunteering jobs allow you to reach new cultures; so, you should show an ability to communicate and interact with other people freely. If it is a foreign country that speaks a language that is different to the one you speak, you should consider taking new language courses in order to be accepted as a volunteer. If you valuate teamwork, it will be considered as a plus by the person who reads your resume. Volunteering programs often demand people who can work in teams. Volunteers rarely work individually.

If you plan to volunteer, make sure that you have checked the kind of cause that the volunteer program supports; it will help you to have a better idea about what you will be dealing with. Also, it will help you to write a resume that is adapted to the needs of the volunteer program itself. Be ready to show your most sociable and generous side. If you think that you’ve got flexibility to travel overseas, you should mention it in your resume.

Whether you’d like to volunteer or to administrate a charity, you need to know that it demands a lot of work and dedication. Since you will be working for a good cause, it is important to remember that you’re there for an altruistic reason. Check charity administration resume templates to start creating your own resume.

Resumes for Charity Administration


Construction and Property Industry

Architecture resume templates

Architecture is certainly a field where you plan and design buildings that could be placed in different places. These buildings can accomplish all sorts of functions, and it’s the job of any architect to design a building that is solid enough to stand, and a building that completes the aesthetic requirements of the people who hire the services of the architect. It is also important to understand the kind of importance that the building may take. Architects usually sum up their designing projects into three important terms:

  • Durability
  • Beauty
  • Utility

Nowadays, architecture has also taken an important concept in the design of the buildings which is environmental sustainability. This is why architects take into account the kind of effect that it could have on the environment itself, and this is why many have adopted several measures that contribute to the preservation of the environment itself. In your resume, you must also include the kind of technology that you use in the design of buildings. You may want to indicate the type of tools that you feel comfortable using. Point out your remarkable ability to handle programs such as CAD.

Your ability to help customers visualize your potential work is important. In your resume, you should include the fact that you have communication skills; otherwise, you may leave your hiring manager with the idea that you are not capable to explain your work by using a language that is understood by the customers. So, architects take an informative role when it comes to communicating projects. Architects may not only have to inform their customers but also businessmen, committees, and the general public.

Architectural projects often demand teamwork; so, indicate your capacity to work in teams and exchange ideas frequently. Mention the types of buildings that you have helped to design: retail stores, towers, stadiums, office buildings, hospitals, houses, condominium complexes, etc. Pointing out your ability to coordinate and organize meetings is important; architects often arrange meetings with all sorts of people: engineers, businessmen, contractors, etc. By the way, if you are interested in expanding your current knowledge about architecture, you should check these universities:

  • Columbia University in New York, NY (Master of Science program in Advanced architectural design or Master of Architecture.)
  • Princeton University in Princeton, NJ (Master of Architecture.)
  • Yale University in New Haven, CT (Master of Architecture, Master of Environmental Design, and Ph.D in Architecture.)
  • Cornell University (M. A and Ph.D in History of Architecture and Urban Development.)

To summarize, the creative mind of an architect is elemental to the construction of a building. An architect takes into account the aesthetic factor as well as the space factor in order to provide a building that is exactly what the customer wants. Having that said, to work as an architect it is necessary to send a well-redacted resume. Check the architecture resume sample that we have posted below.

Resumes for Architecture


Civil Engineering resume templates

Civil Engineering focuses on the construction of tunnels, buildings, roads, bridges, etc. It is also a discipline that has gained a great interest in environmental issues, and this is why now civil engineers have modified their work according to the kind of impact that it may have on the environment itself. Since it is such a broad field of work, you may have to work in something specific such as: environmental engineering, water resources engineering, materials engineering, construction engineering, transportation engineering, etc.

Make sure that you have implemented everything that you have learned during your extensive and intensive training. This will allow you to write a resume that demonstrates your capacity to handle all sorts of assignments that a civil engineer is entitled to do. If you have just graduated, you should apply to jobs that do not demand a lot of responsibilities. You will probably take jobs where all your work is supervised and you will be designed as an engineer in training.

Your education does not end with a bachelor’s degree; we recommend that you take some refresher courses. But we also recommend that you obtain a post-graduate degree, it is very helpful to increase your chances to be called for an interview. We will now post a list of some universities that offer a post-graduate degree. We have verified that these universities have a solid program in civil engineering.

  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in Champaign, Illinois (Master’s degree in Civil Engineering, Environmental engineering in civil engineering and Environmental Science in civil engineering.)
  • Purdue University ( Master’s degree in Civil Engineering. There are specialty groups such as Architectural Engineering, Construction Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geomatics Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Hydraulics and Hydrology Engineering, Materials Engineering, Structural Engineering and Transport Engineering.)
  • University of Minnesota in Twin Cities in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (It offers graduate degrees in Civil Engineering as well as Geological Engineering)
  • University of Washington- Seattle in Seattle, WA ( It offers master’s degrees in Construction Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Hydrology, Water Resources and Environmental Fluid Mechanics, Structural Engineering and Mechanics and Transportation Engineering.)
  • Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. ( It offers a Master of Engineering in Civil and Environmental Engineering or Engineering Management. Other programs allow you to obtain a Master of Science degree and a Doctor of Philosophy degree.)

Resumes for Civil Engineering

Construction Foreman

Civil Engineer

Landscape Planning resume template

Landscape planning is part of landscape architecture. It is important to understand about diverse scientific concepts before you can send your resume to a company that requests your services in landscape planning. You would need to understand that some environmental as well as geological factors are elemental to design parks, golf courses and other similar places. You will definitely need to indicate your ability to work in teams because you will be working along with architects and other professionals. You can work for the private and the public sector.

You need to have advanced research skills because you will be exploring the area that is going to be designed. This is something that you must absolutely include on your resume. Show your employer how you have applied your knowledge about diverse subjects such as civil engineering and environmental science in previous jobs. You need to tell your hiring manager that you can take practical yet serious decisions after careful evaluation. You would also need to calculate costs and deadlines. Knowledge about finances is absolutely needed and described in your resume.

You need to be creative, and you need to consider possible damages that may occur such as floods or continuous rain; so, you need to consider the possibility of creating structures that protect the place from being damaged. It is your job to work accurately because many people are relying on your decision in order to continue with the project itself. You may take a supervisory role constantly. When you write your resume, we suggest you to be as concise as possible. Hiring managers appreciate details.

Indeed, landscaping is not only limited to what we’ve just explained, there is another part of landscaping that deals with environmental restoration and sustainability. If you would like to apply for a job such as senior supervisor, you may want to acquire more experience so then you can get hired. You will be dealing with other tasks that may be more complicated such as dealing with the project itself; you will be working independently.

Now you may be interested in universities where you can expand your actual career. We have created a small list of universities that you can consider attending:

  • Harvard University, Cambridge MA – Master of Landscape Architecture.
  • University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA- Master of Landscape Architecture.
  • University of Washington, Seattle, WA -Master of Landscape Architecture.
  • Cornell University, Ithaca, NY- Master of Landscape Architecture.
  • Columbia University, New York, NY- Master of Science in Landscape Design.

Landscape planning is strenuous. But to sum up, landscape planning is needed to create an organized and beautiful environment. Cities like New York and London are architecturally beautiful thanks to the minds of several landscape planners. If you want to work in this field, and you are trying to write a resume, check our landscape planning resume templates.

Resumes for Landscape Planning

Landscape designer

Property Management resume templates

In order to work in property management, you will need to know how a Real Estate broker operates. In order to sell a house, a department or something else where to live in, you need to understand the characteristics of what you’re selling, and the type of customer that is more likely to buy it. You will be acting as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller. You need to have the necessary qualifications in order to be hired instantly. This is why we will talk more about the skills and operations of a Real Estate broker in order to help you to have an idea about how to write a solid resume.

Your resume should include details that allow your hiring manager to have a better idea about your work methodology. Explain the kind of market analysis that you have conducted, how you prepared documents, and the type of consulting services that you have offered to your customers. It is important to acquire some advertising skills because you will be dealing with the advertising part of the job, too. Talk about your negotiating skills; your hiring manager needs a persuasive Real Estate broker.

You can also explain how you’ve facilitated a great purchase. As a general idea, you should include the most successful transactions that you’ve conducted in previous jobs instead of minor ones. You can include them too but don’t forget that your resume should be not more than two pages. Talk about property management, talk about the different auction events that you’ve had. Talk about full residential appraisal. Being specific is one of the most important steps that you must take at the moment of writing a resume.

If you are planning to extend your current career, you should check the following universities:

  • New York University, New York, NY ( Master of Science in Real Estate.)
  • DePaul University, Chicago, IL (Master of Science in Real Estate.)
  • Georgetown University, Washington, DC (Master of Professional Studies, Real Estate.)
  • University of San Diego, San Diego, CA (Master of Science in Real Estate.)
  • University of Washington, Seattle, WA ( Master of Science in Real Estate.)

Real Estate brokers, for instance, have the principal role of managing properties. There are two types of property management: residential property management (houses, apartments) and commercial property management (offices.) We have property management resume templates in this section. Use them as a guide.

Resumes for Property Management

Real Estate broker

Town Planning resume templates

In order to work in Town Planning, you would need to do a lot of research in order to have a better development of the city and its community. You will be dealing with many aspects of the city such as: aesthetics, safety, security, slums, urban decay, reconstruction, renewal, transportation planning, economics, environmental protection, and other important aspects.

Your resume should primarily reflect your capacity to apply your current knowledge in town planning projects. Demonstrate your hiring manager that you can develop a town based on the number of applicants, traffic, local identity and more. You should also speak about your capacity to protect the city from dangers such as floods and extreme weather. You must anticipate any traffic problem that may occur within the town, and try to resolve it. Of course, you must demonstrate that you can also save some resources when it comes to choosing the best method to protect the city.

Indeed, safety and security isn’t the only problem that a town planner has to deal with. You must prove your sense of aesthetics where you can encourage a certain style that should be implemented in the town itself. Talk about your capacity to deal with urban decay; mention any project that you have conducted in order to solve urban decay problems. Your hiring manager needs to know that you can cover other tasks because a town planner is in charge of multiple responsibilities. Your previous works should speak for you; this is why we recommend you to be as specific as possible.

Nowadays, there is an increasing interest in protecting the environment itself. This is why some of the responsibilities that you will be handling consist in the management of energy resources and waste disposal. Noise and air pollution are also usual problems that you must be able to fix after a serious evaluation. Now, we should talk about the possibility of obtaining master’s degree in case that you don’t have one. We have introduced a small list of universities that have a program in urban planning.

  • Parsons The New School of Design, New York, NY- Master of Arts in Theories of Urban Practice.
  • University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA- Ph.D in Public Policy and Management.
  • University of Oregon, Eugene OR- Master of Community and Regional Planning.
  • University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS-Master of Urban Planning.
  • University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN- Master of Urban and Regional Planning.

When it comes to town planning, it is necessary to take into account various things: its economic and social impact as well as the physical shape of the town itself. This means that it takes a lot of design, critical thinking and strategizing. Many town planners have also reconstructed old cites. We have posted town planning resume templates in this section for your convenience.

Resumes for Town Planning


City planner

Creative Art and Design Jobs

Creative Design resume templates

Creative design applies to different areas such as interior design and graphic design. You must know a series of subjects that are pertinent to your field of work. Interior designers, for example, need to learn a lot about design and decoration. If you’re an interior designer that has an extensive work experience, you will be able to earn the trust of your employer in order to design the place according to your own sense of aesthetics, and effective use of space. Regardless of if you’re specialized in spatial branding, commercial design, residential design, hospitality design or exhibition design, you should write a resume that explains your ability to work excellently as an interior designer.

You should also emphasize your knowledge about building codes, AutoCAD programs, economics, etc. Your listening and critical thinking skills will be also evaluated because you are supposed to meet all the requirements placed by the customers when it comes to designing places. Even though you will probably handle different responsibilities, we will post a list of probable responsibilities that should be included in your resume (that is, if you have performed them in previous jobs.) If you have any other relevant skills that should be included in your resume, don’t hesitate to do so.

  • Ability to choose colors, furniture, fabric, style for specific room.
  • Suggestion of art pieces.
  • Obtaining building permits.
  • Restoration skills.
  • Drawing or computer modeling skills.

Graphic design is also another part of creative design. As you can easily conclude, it requires a lot of creativity and a lot of computer skills. Whether you’re interested in developing logos, creating advertisements, or making publications for newspaper, magazines or blogs, you should be able to build a resume that points out your most strongest skills as a graphic designer. We will now talk about some skills that are needed in the life of any graphic designer:

  • Typography
  • Page Layout
  • Visual Arts
  • Interface design
  • Printmaking
  • User experience design

This is the list of interesting graduate schools that you can attend:

  • Digital Media Arts College, Boca Raton, FL (Master of Fine Arts in Web Design, Master of Fine Arts in Visual Effects Animation.)
  • The Art Institutes, Dallas TX (Master of Arts in Design and Media Management.)
  • Touro College, New York, NY (Master of Arts in Web &Multimedia; Design.)
  • Endicott College, Beverly, MA (Master of Fine Arts in Interior Design.)
  • Soetheby’s Institute of Art-New York, New York, NY ( Master’s degree in Interior Design.)

It is exciting to belong to the world of creative design. A designer needs to sell his/her ideas in order to convince that they can do what their employers are looking for. A portfolio is not enough; this is why you need to check our creative design resume templates in order to see how your resume could look like. Use them just as a guide.

Resumes for Creative Design


Interior designer

Graphic designer

Fashion resume templates

You should develop a unique sense of style in order to establish yourself as a potential candidate for the job. Create unique drawing patterns and use colors that you think you could do well. The options are varied, but remember, your employer wants to be creative. Demonstrate why you’re absolutely interested in the fashion world. You should also be able to learn about the kind of audience that your clothing may interest to. In other words, you should be able to connect with your own public. Learn some public speaking classes if you consider that you need to some practice.

You should also consider if you want to work in:

  • Haute Couture
  • Ready-to-wear clothes
  • Mass market.

This is important because you need to establish the kind of public that you will be working with. The clothing tastes and trends tend to vary a lot between these three categories. Show your knowledge about different fashion design terms too; your employer needs to know how well you can develop yourself within the world of fashion.

Hairstylists are also an important workforce within the world of fashion. If you are trying to work as a hairstylist, you will often realize that a vast knowledge about hairstyling is strongly needed. Many hiring managers often want an experienced hairstylist; so, make sure that you have built a strong work experience in order to have a solid resume. You should be a creative person because sometimes you will have to deal with clients who want to have a new hairstyle but they don’t know which one. You should be able to help them in their search for a new hairstyle, and it is simply a matter of knowledge for you to figure it out which hairstyle will fit them better.

This means that interpersonal skills are a must for all hairstylists. Now we will talk about some skills that you need as a hairstylist:

  • Ability to understand instructions.
  • Ability to determine the best hair style for a person.
  • Organization skills.
  • Understanding about diverse hair care products.
  • Financial Management Skills.

Possible universities that you can attend in order to extend your knowledge about fashion:

  • University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI (M.S.-Design Studies, M.F.A-Design Studies and Ph.D- Design Studies.)
  • Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA ( M.F.A- Fashion.)
  • University of California, Davis, CA (M.F.A- Textile Arts and Costume Design.)

Having a good sense of fashion is, of course, elemental. Whether you’d like to be a hair stylist or a clothing designer, it is important to gain years of practice. It is ideal to have knowledge about business and marketing (besides design!) Check our fashion resume templates; that way you will know how to distribute your own information in your resume.

Resumes for Fashion

Hair stylist resume template

Clothing designer

Photographers resume templates

There are different kind of photographers, for example, portrait photographer, fashion photographer, action photographer, food photographer, wedding photographer, etc. Nowadays, there is a division between commercial photography and fine art photography. While commercial photography requires people who know how to take photography for retail purposes, fine art photography requires people who have acquired a strong sense of aesthetics.

Whatever you would like to do, you should consider the fact that your resume should show an inclination towards a certain type of photography. While it is true that some companies look for versatility, other companies would rather hire someone that has specialized in a specific type of photography. Make sure that you’ve acquired a lot of experience as a photographer because it is a job that is based on experience and creativity.

You should also talk about the kind of techniques that you use for photography. Some of these techniques are:

  • Epic Panoramic
  • 3D Photography
  • High Speed Photography
  • Time-Lapse Photography
  • Infrared and HDR Photography
  • Nuanced Night Photography
  • Black and White Photography
  • Monochromatic Color Photography
  • Reflection and Mirror Photography
  • Tilt-Shift Photography
  • Pinhole and Photogram Photography.

If you are interested in studying in a graduate school for photography, this is such a great idea because your resume could be expanded. Check these universities and institutes that offer excellent graduate degrees in photography.

  • The New School, New York, NY (MFA in Fine Arts.)
  • Maryland Institute, College of Art, Baltimore MD (MFA in Photographic and Electronic Media.)
  • School of Visual Arts, New York, NY (MFA in Photography.)
  • University of Tennessee-Knoxville, Knoxville, TN (MFA IN Media Arts Concentration.)
  • Washington University in Saint Louis, Saint Louis, MO (Master of Fine Arts.)

It is ideal to have a portfolio that contains your most beautiful photos along with a resume. Review our photographer resume templates.

Resumes for Photographers

Photographer resume template

Visual Arts resume template

If you want to work in Visual Arts, you should have a serie of skills that are elemental to any animator. It is important to mention them in your resume; this is how your employer can have a concrete idea about what you can do, and if you fit to the job position. While your work background speaks for your experience as an animator, it is the list of skills that your employer pays attention first. These are the list of skills that you should include in your resume:

  • Ability to work quickly.
  • Interpersonal skills; ability to process all sorts of requests and complaints.
  • Work management.
  • Leadership skills.
  • Ability to conduct animation projects that meet the requirements of the clients at a determined time.
  • Drawing and storytelling skills.
  • Knowledge about motion, size, ratios, etc.

Knowledge about digital asset management, computer operating systems, math among other topics will be strongly requested. Your creativity will be evaluated as well. Learn about the use of computer animation software because you will be working with it a lot. Demonstrate your familiarity with diverse graphic software programs and 3D animation software products. If you usually draw everything with your hand, you should demonstrate that you can effectively use computer software to your own advantage.

Consider the possibility of attending these graduate animation schools that allow you to gain more knowledge about the world of animation:

  • Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA: Master of Fine Arts in Animation and Visual Effects.
  • University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA: Master of Fine Arts in Animation and Digital Arts Program.
  • Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY: Master of Fine Arts in Film and Animation.
  • Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA: Master of Arts in Animation and Master of Fine Arts in Animation.

Animators are in demand nowadays. Its capacity to create stories through images hasn’t gone unnoticed. Those who work in the world of visual arts may work for a company or as a freelance artist. It is, of course, important to have knowledge about computer animation and graphic design. We have posted visual arts resume templates in case you are interested.

Resumes for Visual Arts

Animator resume template

Education Industry

School Teaching resume templates

In order to build a solid school teaching resume, you should take into account various factors: your work methodology, the subject that you’re teaching, your level of experience and your education. Your employer will want to know how much work experience you’ve had, and if you have an extensive work background, you have a good possibility to be hired as a teacher. You must tell your hiring manager how enthusiastically you have worked in these years. Explain your teaching methods in the work background section. Explain your capacity to teach all sorts of topics and about your successfulness in helping students to ace classes that were difficult to them.

Talk about your counseling process because teachers are also guides for students. Talk about how you’ve motivated students in every step of the learning process. Talk about how you’ve established the expectations for your students, how you motivate your students and how you’ve managed all your work as a teacher. Try to remember that your resume is some sort of evaluation that allows you to have a job interview if it is impressive enough.

If you don’t have any experience, we suggest that you seek jobs as a teacher’s assistant or as a substitute teacher. Some of the skills that you can add to your resume may be:

  • Ability to teach specific subjects (You should name which ones.)
  • Organization and planning skills.
  • Excellent Communication skills.
  • Problem solving skills.
  • Ability to provide support and advice to the students.
  • Leadership skills.

Counselors also work in elementary and secondary schools. They can give advices for emotional issues, but they can also give advices about any academic issues. If you are planning to work as a counselor, remember to include your listening and critical thinking skills. You are supposed to act as a problem-solver, and your hiring manager wants to know if you can actually manage all the duties that are assigned to a counselor.

Whether you’d like to be a teacher or a counselor for an elementary school, middle school or high school, you would need to have a lot of patience as well as to take courses like math, English, child psychology, etc. It is important to apply to volunteering programs in order to acquire experience. Check our school teaching resume templates.

Resumes for School Teaching

Counselor resume template

Teacher resume template

Engineering, manufacturing and production

Engineering design and development resume templates

Engineering design is a broad concept because it includes these disciplines: chemical engineering, architectural engineering, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, etc. Whatever your specialization is, you should consider the fact that an engineer tends to work in teams. This means that your resume should emphasize your capacity to work with other people who may have the same knowledge as you do, or have complementary knowledge that will help you to do the job of an engineer.

Your responsibilities are so extensive, and you must show a complete knowledge about them. Talk about prototyping and production. Show your capacity to manage engineering design projects, and your capacity to think critically. Talk about your ability to conduct research too, because you will often spend a lot of time in the conduction of research. In other words, you should be able to point out the strongest points of the design engineer. Think about them and put them on paper. If you have any additional skill that is absolutely relevant like your ability to use CAD software, include it in your resume. Don’t limit yourself to enumerating the usual skills of a design engineer; you should impress your hiring manager.

Now we are going to mention possible engineer design universities that you can apply for a master’s degree:

  • Stanford University, Stanford CA (Mechanical Engineering MS Degree.)
  • MIT, Cambridge, MA (Master’s degree in Engineering and Management.)
  • Segal Design Institute, Evanston IL (Master of Science, Engineering Design and Innovation.)
  • University of Idaho, Moscow, ID (M.S, M.E and Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering.)

Engineers know how complicated is to commence an engineering process. It is important to know what the final objective of the project is; otherwise, the project may not be as successful as it was thought so. It is vital to have the adequate knowledge to handle engineering projects. Click on any of the engineering design and development resume templates that are posted below.

Resumes for Engineering design and development

Biomedical researcher

Chemical engineer

Mechanical engineer

Master electrician

Electrical engineer

Industrial engineer

Engineering sales and Service resume templates

You will be doing a combination of engineering and sales if you are interested in helping customers understand the function of the products that you sell. You should be able to help customers evaluate the options of the product(s) that they want to buy, and to help them to solve any problems that may occur with the product itself. Indeed, you should also sell as many products as possible, which means that you need to have excellent persuasion skills in order to sell successfully.

Talk about your sales skills, your ability to present products that are improved or modified. Talk about your ability to instruct customers in the use of the product in order to take advantage of its actual potential. This means that you should know about customer relationship management. Talk about your interpersonal skills because your hiring manager wants to know that you’re able to deal with all types of customers. Also, your ability to work in teams will be considered as elemental to the hiring manager because you will be working with other departments of the company in order to reach to a conclusion about the characteristics and possible modifications of the product(s).

It is true that your primary role is to sell the products, but your knowledge about engineering allows you to perform the role of a consultant. By the way, it is a good idea to talk about your willingness to travel because you will be traveling a lot. Information technology skills are absolutely necessary. You should also have knowledge about mathematics and physical sciences. You should also specific your specialization: electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, software engineering, civil engineering, etc.

In this section you can check engineering sales and service resume templates which may include job positions such as communications administrator, technical support, technical manager, etc. Some of these jobs deal with the selling of a technology product while others deal with providing the best help and advice to customers who have problems with a product that was purchased.

Resumes for Engineering sales and Service

Communications administrator

Technical manager

Technical support

Technical support representative

Plant and production engineering resume templates

Now that you’ve acquired your engineering degree, and you’re a licensed engineer, you can work as a plant engineer. But you are trying to write a solid resume and you have no idea about the expectations of your employer. This is okay. We are going to talk about the expectations of the hiring managers. It is important for you to have a degree. It is true that there are other jobs where a degree is not required, but plant engineering is certainly not one of them. You should, indeed, apply to a company that focuses in the type of engineering specialization that you’ve pursued.

Depending on your experience, you may be a crew member of the plant itself or be a senior engineer. You will primarily take a supervisory and maintenance role where you check that all the equipments inside the plant are working correctly. You should also talk about your ability to create strategies in order to raise the productivity. However, if you are working at a nuclear plant, you should modify your resume in a way that it shows your knowledge about physics and nuclear engineering. Your capacity to handle radioactive materials is something that your employer wants to verify.

You should also talk about your capacity to work in teams and to deal directly with other people in order to solve any problem that is presented (slow production, malfunctioning, expensive equipment, etc.) A plant engineer should have an extensive knowledge and show a capacity to take practical decisions. Knowledge about finances is also important because you may also have in charge of a budget. You should also indicate your leadership skills if you are going to train new employers; you should mention your capacity to impart your knowledge to new trainers.

If you are trying to work as a plant engineer, you certainly are aware of the kind of tasks that you must perform. Plant engineers work as inspectors; they must examine how a plant is working and manages projects that solve the current problems of the plant. Manufacturing engineers draws manufacturing systems that boost the productivity of the plants. Check our plant and production engineering resume templates.

Resumes for Plant and production engineering

Automotive mechanic

Vice president manufacturing

Process engineering and Quality control resume templates

Now that you’ve obtained your chemical engineering degree, it is time to create a resume that speaks about your potential to act as a process engineer. Writing a resume should be a meticulous process; so, take the time to write extensively and discard facts that are irrelevant to the job itself. This is why you should read the job descriptions so then you can realize the kind of expectations that your employer has settled for the job candidates. Process engineering is certainly present in many industries: mineral processing, food, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, etc.

You should talk about your knowledge in process design, process control, process operations and supporting tools. You are certainly an important part in the development of a product; you evaluate the quality, safety and efficiency of the product itself. Your observations will be taken into high regard; so, it is important to conduct proper evaluations about the product itself. You may recommend any modifications if necessary. You may have to effectuate different procedures; try to redact a resume that determines your capacity to cover all of these procedures if you are hired for the job.

Your critical thinking skills are something elemental to the employer. Talk about the time that you employed some critical thinking during a relevant project. Details are a must in any resume. You will definitely need to be creative because it is your mission to find useful solutions or probable techniques that could be used in order to improve the actual work procedure of the company. Computer skills may be also needed, if you haven’t acquired them, you should take additional skills because some process engineers deal with complex modeling software. Mention your management skills: this is important when it comes to directing people in any projects.

Process engineers develop business projects, and as any other project, they must be developed and monitored carefully. After establishing the costs and the features of the projects, process engineers proceed to commence the project. Quality control specialists make sure that all the products are manufactured perfectly. We have posted process engineering and quality control resume templates here.

Resumes for Process engineering and Quality control

IS project manager


Environment Industry

Environment Management resume template

Since it will be your job to protect the public health, you should be able to demonstrate your knowledge about the current laws that were created to safeguard it. Depending on the assignment that you will take, you may take an investigative role, follow a policy of disease control, educate your community about any health risks, etc. Of course there are other duties that deal with inspecting places such as swimming pools, public schools, nursing homes, houses, etc. Since you may travel a lot, it is a good idea to mention if you are willing to travel. Environmental field inspectors tend to have irregular hours, and they are often under constant stress because they are often in dangerous situations; so, it is important to take precautions before performing your job as an environmental health inspector.

Since you will be working in different environments-it is not precisely an office job- you should demonstrate your hiring manager that you are an individual who can understand the complexity of the job itself. By the way, since the laws tend to be under periodic evaluations, you should take refresher courses from time to time. Don’t forget to add them to your resume: it will show your employer how updated you are with the current guidelines established by the city where you plan to work. Environmental health inspectors also work as consultants. If you are trying to work as one, we recommend you to point out your ability to think critically and your communication skills. It is your mission to explain and interpret the environmental health laws in a language that could be easily understood by the people who should follow them.

Writing skills are, of course, elemental, because you will be writing reports. Pay attention to the job description and determine if the information that you’ve included enables you to gain the attention of the employer. If not, we suggest that you take additional classes or apply to other job positions that may pay less but allow you to acquire more experience as an environmental health inspector. Add details that enrich your resume; do not limit yourself to describing the job duties that you performed. Talk about the results that came out from different projects and assignments.

Environmental management may deal with enforcing the preservation of wildlife areas as well as the conservation of natural resources. It may also involve monitoring the conditions of a specific workplace. This field demands a lot of knowledge and communication because it deals with raising a lot of awareness for specific and good causes. You can check environmental management resume templates here.

Resumes for Environment Management

Environment health inspector

Financial Management and accountancy Industries

Accountancy resume templates

If you are capable of dealing with numbers, and you have a degree in accounting, you are ready to work in Accountancy. But you should take into account the fact that you share a broad list of responsibilities as an accountant, and it is important to write a resume that fulfills the expectations of the hiring manager. You should talk about your knowledge about ethics because your hiring manager will want to know if you are actually an ethical person. You should also mention your bookkeeping skills; this is something that every accountant has to have.

Talk about your ability to verify all types of money transactions and to make sure that everyone has a clear idea about the current finances of the company. You are in charge of records such as payroll, bank statements, real estate paperwork, investments, etc. You should also indicate your auditing skills in case that you are actually applying for a job that requires accountants for auditing purposes only. Talk about your capacity to think critically, to be organized while you are evaluating and comparing financial statements. You may even implement some internal controls in order to help the company maintain all its financial statements in order.

You should recognize the importance of your job because it is known that companies only makes investment decisions to increase the profits based on the financial statements that you’ve elaborated. If you have leadership skills, include them in your resume because you may often have to train new accountants or supervise an entire accounting department. Depending on the job position that you are applying for, you should present a resume that doesn’t say that you’re unqualified or overqualified for the job. Use common sense when you try to manage facts that may be irrelevant. If you have worked in too many jobs, you should discard those that don’t contribute to your knowledge about accounting.

It takes math skills and a good attention to detail to apply for accountancy jobs. A bachelor’s degree in accounting is usually requested to perform as an accountant. To write a resume that reflects your good accounting skills, check our accountancy resume templates. We are sure that they will be a great help for people who would like to enhance their resume.

Here are Accountancy resume templates you can print, download and send to somebody, please choose:

Resumes for Accountancy


Accountant Clerk

Accountant entry level

Accounting manager

Accounts payable

Actuarial work and risk management resume templates

If you have enough knowledge to calculate risks and establish statistics, you are ready to send your actuarial resume if you follow some advices and facts that we will include in this section. Actuaries are often employed by insurance companies because their job is actually precise for the sustainability of these companies. In your resume, you show talk about your capacity to evaluate policies and set new ones if it is necessary. Your knowledge about math, statistics, computer science, business, and sociology should be demonstrated. Talk about events where you had to deal with critical situations that urged you to use a lot of critical thinking to resolve them.

You should be able to conduct multiple researches. Whether you work for companies that offer property insurance, life insurance or health insurance, you should be aware of the fact that your most important responsibility is to understand the kind of risks that the company has to handle. If you are working for a company that is focused on investments, your main mission will be to advise your employer about the possible risks in a merger, investment or acquisition. We think that it is fair to say that actuaries often offer play a consultancy role.

If you are working for the federal government, you may actually focus in the implementation of budget policies for programs and projects. As an actuary, you are supposed to work independently, and to take practical decisions. Your ability to communicate with other people is actually vital because you must use a language that could be easily understood by the clients since you will be dealing with complex concepts that are not known to the average public. If you have other skills that are absolutely helpful to your work as an actuary, you should add them to your resume. Put a lot of effort to impress your employer since sending a resume is the only way to obtain a job interview.

Many actuarial analysts work for insurance companies and financial businesses by examining the possible costs in case of a certain event. Actuaries must also devise ways to reduce risks. They are practically calculating everything. Because their job involves risk management, actuaries earn too much money. Review our actuarial work and risk management resume templates.

Resumes for Actuarial work and risk management

Actuarial analyst

Banking resume templates

If you are trying to work in Banking, you would need to know about finances. Depending on the kind of job position that you are applying to, you may have a wide or small list of responsibilities. For instance, investment bankers actually share a lot of responsibilities because they are basically involved in the acquisition of funds and they also offer consulting services for any financial transactions. In regard to the skills that you need to be an investment banker, you need to have the following:

  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Sales skills.
  • Communication skills.
  • Critical thinking skills.
  • Creativity.
  • Capacity to lead and take the initiative.
  • Capacity to work long hours.
  • Math skills.

If you have just graduated from college, you should consider applying to analyst jobs because it will help you to advance your career until you are fully immersed in the world of investment banking. It is your responsibility to redact a resume that evaluates your capacity to dedicate all your energy and time to a respective assignment. This means that you should include jobs where you’ve precisely conducted projects that show your level of responsibility. Don’t forget your ability to work in teams because you will be dealing with people who are probably too self centered, and it is your job to bring all of them together.

Now, bank tellers are team workers who have to attend the public while the bank is open. Their work is actually basic but it is still necessary to show some skills in regard to accounting. Your knowledge about math should be excellent. You should be able to be absolutely attentive because you will be dealing with several types of requests from the clients. Now that you know the basic requirements, it is important to write a resume that indicates your most solid points as a potential bank teller. Most banking tellers do not need to have a degree to work for a bank. Check our banking resume templates.

Resumes for Banking

Bank teller

Banking executive

Commercial Loan Officer

Credit manager

Investment banker

Financial Management resume templates

This field belongs to financial advisors. Financial advisors certainly perform a complicated job that consists of evaluating the income of their customers as well as their financial transactions in order to evaluate the current financial status of their clients. Based on the information gathered, financial advisors can help clients to strengthen their financial status through stocks, mutual funds, real estate investment trusts, purchase of insurance, etc. All of this leads you to understand how important and encouraged is the ability to think critically and take practical decisions.

You should show a complete knowledge about budgeting, taxation, asset allocation, financial resources/tools, etc to complete your job successfully. You should know about risk tolerance before you can help clients understand the kind of short and long term goals that they can establish. It is your job to help your clients understand about the advantages and disadvantages of investing. This is why you should have a complete knowledge about risk management and finances. Make sure that you’ve acquired enough experience in these areas in order to have a solid resume.

Your communication skills are important because you will be communicating with your customers all the time, and you should be able to communicate in a language that is understood by the client. This means that you should explain some financial concepts that are unknown to the customers, and to be courteous at all times. Talk about your knowledge in accounting, finance, business, economics and law. Talk about how well you know about money mamagement. Having integrity is also fundamental in your development as a financial advisor.

Financial advisors go under a difficult training program where they must generate commissions. At first they work more than 40 hours a week trying to build a network of clients. After that, they just work 40 hours. They need a lot of determination in order to handle the constant pressure. Check our financial management resumes templates.

Resumes for Financial Management


Financial advisor

Health Care Industry

Dentistry resume templates

Writing a dentistry resume takes time because of the precision that is needed in selecting the correct words in order to be as detailed as possible. When you redact your resume, you should take into account all the sorts of responsibilities and duties that you will assume as a dentist. You certainly need to acquire a lot of experience before you can work as a dentist in order to understand everything that the job itself demands. Talking about your interpersonal/communication skills is important because you will be dealing with the customers, and you need to explain to them about the kind of procedure that you are going to do.

Now, you should know about oral care because this is actually your primary mission as a dentist. This means that you should offer preventive oral care to your patients, you should be able to inform about how to take care of their teeth; what to avoid and what not to avoid. If you are a dentist specialized in oral surgery or cosmetic dental care, you should talk about previous works where you performed them. It is always important to talk about how you’ve applied everything you know into your actual work. Your employer wants to know if you have taken advantage of your classes at school. If you are applying for a dentistry job that requires you to take a supervisory role, you should talk about your good leadership skills.

You should modify your resume according to your level of knowledge, but you should also take into account the kind of requirements that your employer demands from you. Show your ability to remain responsible at all times; show your knowledge about ethics. In the work section, you should be really specific because your hiring manager wants to know about your experience at dentistry. Talk about your manual dexterity, about your ability to be informative, your ability to be patient with anxious customers. Think about your resume as a response to the job description itself, and take into account that it is a manner of introducing yourself as a potential candidate for the job.

It takes around eight years of university and dental school to become a dentist. Depending on where they live, people may have to take additional tests to work as a dentist. Dentists fix teeth problems and provide preventive care as well. If you are attempting to write a resume, but you don’t know how to do so, check our dentistry resume templates.

Here are Dentistry resume template you can print, download and send to somebody, please choose:

Resumes for Dentistry

Dental hygienist

Medical Profession resume templates

It is important to know about what your hiring manager demands from you as a doctor. For starters, doctors need to have various skills that allow them to work successfully while reaching their maximum potential. Your ability to speak clearly and have an open mind allows you to get along with other colleagues who are doctors and may have different opinions that you’ve got to listen. It is important to be tolerant; your colleagues may give you insightful opinions that allow you to solve something. Also, having an open mind allows you to remain curious and evaluate other options to save lives.

Your ability to think critically and logically is also something else that your hiring manager is going to evaluate. You have to be imaginative, and you should be able to handle pressure. Talk about your determination, your hiring manager wants to know that you can take decisions at all times. Your confidence will be evaluated; so, it is important to mention the kind of procedures that you’ve had to handle. Remember, your resume is supposed to show how much of a hardworking individual you are. Demonstrate how your medical school has shaped your personality and your work methodology. Demonstrate how you’ve become a caring individual who understands that each patient needs a specific type of attention.

Whether you’re a doctor or a pharmacist, you should write a resume that explains how much you’ve embraced everything that you’ve learned in school. It is important to demonstrate your level of knowledge. Don’t forget to mention your professional affiliations because they add some credit to your resume. Depending on the amount of experience, you may extend your resume to two pages long. Don’t forget to mention your teamwork skills; your hiring manager may want to know if you can work in teams. Working independently is certainly something good, but working in teams is something that is absolutely appreciated because it is a little more difficult. Write a resume that reflects the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.

Doctors and pharmacists certainly spend a lot of time studying. While doctors receive and treat patients, pharmacists sell and recommend medications. Doctors can work in private and public health care sectors. Check our medical professions resume templates; they are meant to provide some sort of help in case you don’t know how to write a resume.

Here are Medical Profession resume templates you can print, download and send to somebody, please choose:

Resumes for Medical Profession



Emergency Medical Technician

Medical Support resume templates

If you are interested in either becoming a dietician or a health care provider, this section contains useful information that allows you to understand the complexities about writing a resume that exemplifies your capacity to work as it would be expected to around the workplace. Having that said, we suggest you to consider the kind of responsibilities that you will have. This is usually included in the job description itself, but sometimes it does not contain too many details. This is why we will help you to gather several points that your hiring manager would want to know.

Your ability to give advices is probably the most elemental one. As a dietician, there will be many customers who have doubts or do not know about healthy eating habits. It is your job to encourage them and help them understand which habits should be avoided, and which ones should be embraced. You must acknowledge the fact that your job is successfully done when you realize that your customers are leading healthier lives. Your ability to draw comprehensive plans are also primordial to your resume. Show your knowledge about nutritional deficiencies, nutritional problems and sources of nutrition. Show your knowledge about the importance of rising awareness about problematic eating habits. Show how you can actually relate to the customers. Show your capacity to adapt to different working environments such as hospitals, schools, communities, etc.

On the other hand, health care providers should be able to connect with their public as often as possible. Health care providers have the mission to understand the kind of care that the patients need. Whether you are a psychiatrist, a physician, a chiropractor, optometrist, therapist, paramedic, or any other type of healthcare provider, you will certainly need to show how you manage the kind of knowledge that you have earned while you were at school. Show knowledge about the procedures that are performed in your field of work. If you are a member of a medical association, we suggest you to include it in your resume: they are helpful because its set of requirements is often precise, and your hiring manager will know that you’ve met its standards.

This section belongs to people who provide additional yet elemental help. Care givers and dieticians, for example, are included in this section. If you are not sure of which resume format to use, or how to include your own information in your resume, it is a good idea to check our medical support resume templates. Here are Medical Support resume templates you can print, download and send to somebody, please choose:

Resumes for Medical Support


Healthcare provider

Nursing resume template

This section is dedicated to potential nurses who would like to know about the requirements in regard to the writing of a resume. You should establish your capacity to understand and carry out orders with utter precision. You should also be able to handle diverse medical equipment; these equipments vary according to your specialization. The administration of medicaments is, of course, another task that is done by nurses. In your resume, you must talk about your experience in handling patients. Your hiring manager will certainly evaluate your level of tolerance because nurses have to deal with all sorts of patients regardless of their mood.

Indeed, your type of specialization influences a lot in the way that your resume is written. If you are an ambulatory care nurse, emergency nurse, cardiac nurse, oncology nurse, wound care nurse, psychiatric nurse, or any other kind of nurse, you should understand that your hiring manager wants to know if you’ve performed the kind of tasks that are pertinent to your career. It is important to gain as much experience as possible. Talk about basic and complex nursing skills. If you think that you need to improve your actual knowledge, we suggest you to take additional classes where you can learn new nursing procedures. You can even get an advanced degree in nursing that allows you to have more responsibilities that you would normally do if you didn’t have a master’s degree.

It is also a good idea to assist to professional conferences because you can update your current knowledge; therefore, you have showed a genuine interest in your education. Make sure that you find a mentor that allows you to understand everything that encompasses being a nurse. Additional skills that will be highly valued are: good judgment, ability to make decisions, reading comprehension, empathy, critical thinking, patience, etc. Adding them to your resume will help your hiring manager to understand everything that you can do as a nurse.

Nurses are known for its patience; they are constantly taking care of the patients. They make sure that the patients are taking their medications and they also regulate the vital signs of the patients. If you are applying for a job but you’d like to polish your resume first, check our nursing resume templates. Here are Nursing resume template you can print, download and send to somebody, please choose:

Resumes for Nursing


Therapeutic Services resume template

If you want to work as a wellness coordinator, you should write a resume that basically focuses on the fundamental skills of a wellness coordinator. In a few words, this means that you should consider the most important part about the job: to help people have healthier lives through the acquisition of excellent eating habits and the performance of diverse exercises. You should be able to design and implement programs that help clients achieve the best physical and mental health status. As a wellness coordinator, you may work inside a department or an office or you may work for a community, town or city. Your responsibilities will be the same but your workload may be increased.

If your work demands an extensive research, you should be able to understand everything that the research encompasses. This is why your hiring manager will pay attention to your research/critical thinking skills. Demonstrate how you’ve resolved any potential problems in previous jobs and your capacity to determine goals that contribute to the healthy development of the individuals. Demonstrate your knowledge about unhealthy habits, and your capacity to motivate people. Show how you can work individually or generally; show that you can create a specific plan for a person only or for an entire community.

Teamwork is also important because you may work with other medical professionals who can recommend you new techniques or research procedures that you may use. Plus, you both can discuss about the actual situation in order to obtain more support in the drawing of new plans and programs. You should also talk about your listening skills because wellness coordinators often talk with the patients and they make various recommendations. Show your knowledge about counseling, crisis intervention, treatment, etc. Your knowledge about finances management are also important because you will be dealing with budgets, reports, filling, records, coordination of resources, etc.

Wellness coordinators fall into the category of therapeutic services because they help patients live a better life. They may encourage them to have healthier eating habits, and to do exercises. A degree in health or nutrition is ideal. Check our therapeutic services resume templates if you are interested in writing an excellent resume.

Here are Therapeutic Services resume templates you can print, download and send to somebody, please choose:

Resumes for Therapeutic Services

Wellness coordinator

Hospitality and Events Management Industry

Accommodation Management resume templates

Depending on the type of hotel that you’ve got to manage, your responsibilities may vary. However, there are some general responsibilities that hotel managers have to hold, and the hotel rules are usually the same in all hotels. When you send your resume to a hotel company, we suggest you to investigate the type of hotel that you’re applying to. If it is a big hotel, you will be handling a larger staff and you may have to share some responsibilities with other managers. Now, if the hotel is small, your responsibilities will decrease a little because there will be more control of the hotel itself.

Since it is important to have a friendly attitude towards the person who will come to the hotel itself, you will definitely need to show your ability to listen, take complaints, resolve problems and distribute tasks.

Your resume should learn towards the importance of being attentive with the customers. This should basically be the primary focus on your resume. It is important to talk about finances management because your ability to administrate money is absolutely elemental. Your capacity to work in a stressful environment will also be evaluated by your hiring manager.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about the type of salaries that you may have; it depends on the kind of job position that you’re holding. A hotel general manager may earn around $149,000 because its job demands the complete operation of the hotel itself as well as the management of a specific budget. A hotel clerk earns much less, he/she may earn around $19,000. A meeting and convention planner earns an average of $60,000 because his/her knowledge about logistics is absolutely important. And since all hotels needs a concierge, they are usually hired with an average salary of $16,000.

Some types of hospitality masters are:

  • George Washington University, Washington, DC- Master of Tourism Administration.
  • University of Houston, Houston, TX- Hospitality Management/MBA Joint Master’s Program.
  • Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL- M.S Executive Certificate in Hospitality Management.
  • Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK- M.S in Hospitality Administration, Ph.D in Human Environmental Sciences with emphasis in Hospitality Administration.

If you want to work as a hotel manager or as a receptionist, you’ve come to the right section. Hotel managers and receptionists are constantly dealing with the clients; so, make sure that you include words like “interpersonal skills” on your resume. For more consistent examples, check our accommodation management resume templates.

Here are Accommodation Management resume templates you can print, download and send to somebody, please choose:

Resumes for Accommodation Management

Hotel manager


Catering Management resume templates

If you are interested in the world of catering, it is fundamental to have organization skills. It is the first thing that your hiring manager will want to evaluate. Whether you are planning to organize small or large events, you should basically focus your resume on the organization of events according to the specific requests of the customers. You should talk about your capacity to attend all types of events; try to gain as much experience as possible in attending events such as weddings, family reunions, barbeques, parties, corporate events, etc.

It is important to be as versatile as possible. Point out other skills such as your capacity to schedule, to plan menus and music, to order different items, to offer an excellent customer service that delivers everything that the customers are requested within the time specified. Talk about your management skills in case you are planning to manage an entire caterer staff. Talk about your knowledge in services such as rental arrival time, staff arrival time, bar open time, meal serve time, bar close time, rental pickup, out of venue time. Talk about menu considerations and anything else that you are able to manage as a caterer.

Depending on your job position, your salary may vary. For instance, there are directors of catering that earn an amount of $42,000. A catering sales manager may earn around $31,000. The average salary for a usual caterer is of $37,000. A banquet manager tends to earn $36,000. Talking about chefs, chefs earn $47,000 approximately. Indeed the salaries may rise if the individuals have an extensive experience.

If you like to manage events, it is no wonder that you would like to work as a caterer. Caterers are very organized, and they must be creative. Caterers recommend clients a wide range of services that are necessary in an event (flowers, music, etc.) You will see a list of catering management resume templates below, templates you can print, download and send to somebody, please choose:.

Resumes for Animal Care




Human Resources and Employment Industry

Human Resources Management resume templates

If you are interested in placing the best individuals within a company, you will do well in working as a human resources manager. Of course, your job isn’t limited to the hiring of new job candidates; so, you will need to include more information about several assignments that a human resource manager is supposed to handle. Talk about your knowledge in handling complaints, policies, auditing, etc. Auditing is certainly one of the most complicated assignments of a hiring manager because he/she has to verify that the company has complied with all the local and national laws.

Depending on your level of responsibilities, you may even approve new ads that request potential job candidates, and to conduct several background checks. Since there are a lot of hiring managers that act as consultants, it is an important idea to talk about your listening skills and your capacity to advise people. Sometimes you will be helpful to department managers that request your advices in the hiring of potential candidates for a specific title. Talk about how you’ve ensured that the employers feel comfortable within the workplace, and if you’ve pursued any disciplinary measures.

Depending on your level of experience, you may earn a salary that ranges between $35,000 and 91,000. If you are working in consulting, you may earn $76,000. If you are working as a general hiring manager, you will earn $82,000. If you are a support specialist, you may earn around $57,000 and if you are involved in training and development, you may earn around $88,000. Working in occupational health and safety enables you to earn a salary of around $100,000.

Now, if you are interested in extending your career in Human Resources, consider applying to these schools:

  • Canisius College, Buffalo NY: Evening MBA.
  • Elmhurst College, Elmhurst, IL: Master of Arts in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.
  • Drexel University- Sacramento, Sacramento, CA: M.S in Human Resource Development.
  • University of Wisconsin- Stout, Menomonie, WI: M.S Training & Human Resource Development.

Human resources management is about making sure that the employees are fulfilling the goals and objectives of the companies and to make sure that the employees are working in the most stable work environment and to check that they’re receiving job benefits as it was states. Check our creative human resources management resume templates now.

Resumes for Human Resources Management

Labor negotiator

Human resources manager

Recruitment resume templates

If you want to perform the work of a recruiter, you must acknowledge the importance of acting as an intermediary between the employers and the potential employees. It is usual for recruiters to acquire knowledge about the field of work in which they may recruit people; so, show how much experience you’ve gathered in your field of work. This is important because this is exactly how your hiring manager can determine if you can recruit other people by matching the needs of the company with the skills of the potential job candidates.

If you are working as a recruiter, you may consider two facts: there are recruiters who work as contingency recruiters whose compensation principally depends on whether the job position has been filled or not. On the other hand, retained recruiters are in charge of finding potential employees, but if these employees aren’t hired, the recruiters will still receive their compensation. However, they must gain enough experience until they can show that they can easily find the right candidate for diverse companies.

If you are wondering about how much you would earn within the world of recruiting, it actually depends on your level of responsibilities. A corporate recruiter may earn around $48,000 while an executive recruiter reaches the amount of $68,000. Working from home as a healthcare recruiter allows you to earn the amount of $102,000 approximately. A contract recruiter earns around $52,000. A sales recruiter can earn $82,000 while a technical recruiter earns $58,000. As you can assume, the jobs depend fairly on the type of job title and the type of industry.

It is important to include words that are relevant to your actual profession. If you need some help, you can check our recruitment resume templates; they are listed by different types of recruitment job positions. Indicate your capacity to think critically and to make the most important decisions quickly.

Resumes for Recruitment

Contract administrator

Executive recruiter


Temporary placement agency

Information Services Industry

Information management resume templates

The work of a field technician is actually varied because most fields need a technician. So, you should basically add knowledge about your own field of work in order to let your hiring manager know that you’re a reliable individual who can solve any problems that may arise within the field of work. For instance, if you are a field archaeologist, you should be able to know about archeological procedures, surveying, plan views, collecting, etc. It is important to gain experience within the field of work.

If you are a field technician, you should be able to know about telephones wires, cable, electrical components, etc. You will basically deal with maintenance, and you should have troubleshooting skills. It is your job to assist customers with any problems or questions or doubts that they may have, and to solve them as quickly as possible. You will basically work independently without a lot of supervision. Your ability to attend customers courteously is important. Another important workforce that belongs to the field of information management are the librarians.

In order to be a special librarian, it is important to obtain a graduate degree. In your resume, your organization skills are the most important part as well as your capacity to provide information to other customers who want to obtain new books or archives. Some librarians also focus on research; so, it could be a good idea to talk about your ability to do research. Indeed, organization skills are elemental for any serious librarian. Show your employer how much you appreciate the importance of a librarian in the world of information management.

In regard to the salaries of field technicians, it is important to indicate that they may vary according to the type of specialization. For example, a GIS Technician earns $41,000 while an Engineering Technician earns $48,000 while an Engineering Technician earns $48,000. A soil conservation technician earns $44,000 and a medical records field technician earns $44,000. A forestry technician earns $39,000. It varies according to the level of responsibilities, industry and work experience.

If you’d like to work in the information management sector, it is precise to say how important it is to have a wide knowledge about the information that you’re managing. Many people require the assistance of a librarian who knows the kind of information that it’s stored in a library or another academic place in order to read it. In case you are interested, we have posted information management resume templates here.

Here are Information management resume templates you can print, download and send to somebody, please choose:

Resumes for Information management

Field technician


Social Research resume template

If you are interested in research, you are in the right section. You should have an avid curiosity to research behaviors, beliefs, rules, trends, etc. There are all sorts of social research, but you should gain experience by contributing to several social researches so then your employer can evaluate the kind of research methodology that you implement on your own researches. It is important to instill enough confidence to the employer so then you can be hired immediately. Show your knowledge about quantitative designs and qualitative designs.

It is absolutely important to have a mind that opens itself to several types of interpretations in order to reach the correct results. Show your knowledge about the guideline for a good research. Having good ethical values is also important. We suggest you that you evaluate the types of researches that you want to conduct because they are varied: there are survey research, archival research, case studies, textual analysis, historical methods, regression analysis, etc.

Depending on the kind of role that you assume, your salary may vary. For example, sociologists earn around $80,000 while geographers make $72,000 approximately. Even though researchers often receive temporary contracts, they may earn a lot eventually. Keep in mind that your salary increases according to the type of experience that you’ve acquired in research. The chemical industry is known for paying high salaries to researchers. If you are applying as a research assistant, you may earn an average salary of $41,000.

Academic researchers are requested in every field: Science, math, literature, linguistics, chemistry, physics, etc. Their knowledge and research is highly appreciated, and many people would like to see the conclusions that they’ve gathered. If you want a research company to hire you, but you are still struggling with your own resume, review our social research resume templates. Do not copy them; they are only supposed to serve as a guide.

Here are Social Research resume templates you can print, download and send to somebody, please choose:

Resumes for Social Research


Information Technology Industry

Computer Systems resume templates

Nowadays, computers are present almost everywhere and are used for almost everything. During the last decades, the computer field has had a significant growth, as a consequence of this, the employment opportunities in this field has grown as well. We can now find a variety of computer specializations as: computer system administrator, computer engineer, computer programmer, database administrator, etc.

Due to the many specializations which now exist, there are many employment opportunities for computer professionals, however there is also a fierce competition. Computer is considered as a lucrative career, and unlike other industries, its demand is likely to increase. Those are the main reason why many people are studying it.

To work in the computer industry, people must have at least a bachelor’s degree in the specialization they prefer. However and due to the strong competition, professionals with a master degree are capable of getting a job faster, and they are also are better paid. Nevertheless, the degree you have is not the only fact considered by employers, they also pay a lot of attention on where you got the degree, for this reason before choosing a place to study, you have to think it growth. Some of the universities with the best computer programs are:

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology: located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • Stanford University: it has its installations in Stanford, California.
  • University of California—Berkeley: the computer science campus is in Berkeley, California.

These three universities offer Bachelor’s, Master’s and even doctorate degree. Having a certification from any of them, will give you an advantage when looking for a job.

No matter how profit this career is, it is not for everybody, which is why before applying to any computer school, you have to be sure that it is what you really want. Computer system careers are not easy; besides the extensive preparation needed, you will constantly need to take courses in order to be updated with the latest technologies developed.

A computer system professional must be able of designing and creating new computer systems and applications. To achieve this, the person must be very analytical and detail-oriented; also computer system professionals have to possess decision-making and troubleshooting skills. And last but not least, the person must also have excellent communication skills, because they will have to present and explain the work they did to their superiors and/or clients.

All the skills mentioned above, have to be highlight in your cv. Remember that when you make a template, it has to be short (no more than two pages) and catchy. The purpose of the cv is to make the employer feel interested about you, and not the opposite. Writing a good resume is not easy, for this reason, we offer you a variety of resumes which can be use as models for your own resume.

Resumes for Computer Systems

Senior system administrator

Computer engineer

Computer programmer

Database Development resume templates

A database is an organized collection of data, saved in a computer system which can be easily accessed and used by allowed users. Knowing this, we can say that a database developer is the person who develops necessary applications for the functionality of the database. In current days, database developers can work in a variety of industries as the financial, health care, consulting, etc, they are even required in governmental institutions.

To become a DB developer, there are no specific requirements, some professionals are self-learners, others have a community college degree, while others have a bachelor’s degree. However, the ones preferred by employers, are the ones who hold a master’s degree or who have several specialization courses. Remember that the specialization is a plus, because even when you specialize in a database motor (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, My SQL, SQLite, IBM DB2, Microsoft Access, etc) you must know all of them.

There are several ways of becoming a database developer. The easiest is by getting a 1-year certification from a technical school. Other possible way is by getting a 2- year degree from a community college. And finally, there is the bachelor’s degree from a college (it is the most recommended). Regardless what certification you have, you have to make sure that it is from an accredited institution. There are some which are the most recognized:

  • Stanford University: located in Stanford, California.
  • Rochester Institute of Technology: located in Rochester, New York.
  • University of California—Berkeley: located in Berkeley, California.
  • North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University: located in Greensboro, North Carolina.

There is a lot of completion in this field, for this reason, it is important to be well-prepared. Besides having a degree, it is a good idea to take extra courses. For example Microsoft offers a variety of certifications in SQL. Oracle also offers a variety of certifications too.

The use of technology is now universal; it is used in the entire world and by almost everybody. Thanks to this, the number of job positions in this field will increase in about 37% in the following years. Database developers have an average salary of 80 thousand per year. However, recent graduates receive less (about $35 thousand).

Database administrators, data analysts and data processors belong to this list. They all must primarily have computer skills. Data processors record, verify and report information, data analysts examine the information and data administrators supervise that new databases are installed successfully, among other things. Check our database development resume templates.

Resumes for Database Development

Data entry

Data processor

Database administrator

Data analyst

IT Business resume templates

Information technology plays a crucial role in businesses. Information Technology deals with the use of computers, computer systems and applications, as well as with storage, transmission and use the information of a business or organization. Usually the professionals responsible for the development and implementation of IT business strategies are the Chief Information Officers (CIO).

The role that business strategies professionals play in a company is very important because they guarantee that all the information technology system works correctly, and if it is not, they have to adopt measurements in order to solve it. They also have to report the results of its operations to superiors (Chief executive officer or chief operations officers). IT business strategists plan, design and develop information technology systems.

Professionals who develop IT business strategies are:

  • Analytical: Because they have to analyze how the company works and develop a system according to the requirements of the institution.
  • Communicative: They have to be in constant communication with other users of the system in order to see what their reaction about the system is.
  • Problem solving: These professionals are the responsible of the complete functioning of the IT system, if something fails; they are the ones who have to solve it, as fast as possible.

The responsibilities that an information officer has are many, for this reason, they receive a very attractive salary. As in all professions, workers with little experience are the ones who receive the least; they make about 100 thousand dollars per year. Professionals with more than 15 years of experience have a different situation, they can receive over $250 000 in a year. There are also the ones who work at huge and multinational corporations; their annual salary exceeds the 300 thousand. However, getting one of these jobs is very difficult.

To become an IT business strategy, the first step to achieve this is by getting a bachelor’s degree in computer or information science, management information systems, computer engineering or any related field. After that you can get a master’s degree (even when is not mandatory, most of the employers ask for it). Some of the most important ones are:

  • Masters in Information Systems Management (MISM) in Walden University.
  • MBA in Computer and Information Security in North Central University.
  • Masters in Enterprise Software Architecture in Capella University.
  • Master of Science degree in network engineering University of Santa Clara.
  • Master in System Development Management in Strayer University.
  • Master of Engineering in the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken.
  • Master of Network Engineering Illinois Institute of Technology.

Additional courses in management, administration, programming languages, accounting, finance, and marketing are also a good way of gaining extra bonuses over other competitors. All these certifications, as well as the working experience you have to be included in your resume. Regardless how much certifications and experience you have, do not make your resume too long, avoid useless details and do not add, information which is not related with the field.

Resumes for IT Business


Network Development resume templates

A network is a system of computers and peripheral equipment connect together. A network works with at least two computers, which can be in the same building or not, a network can have devices even in different countries. Networks do not only share peripherals, they also share all type of data and they are connected by telephone lines, radio waves or fiber optic.

A network developer or administrator is responsible for developing a network for a company, and once it is developed, he/she has to make sure that it is working appropriately. The exact functions of these professionals depend on how complex the network is. Besides the work with the network itself, these professionals have to assign permissions and privileges, make backups, and the most important of all protect the information from possible threats (hackers, malware, spyware, etc.).

Network developers or administrators are required in all type of industries and according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the number of job opportunities for these professions will increase in about a 23%, creating over 70 thousand new job positions by the year 2018. Nevertheless, the number of people studying this career will increase as well, so as a result there will be a lot of competition, making crucial for you to stand out from the others. A good way to make yourself different from others is by highlighting your skills, and there are certain skills that a Network developer must have:

  • Vast knowledge of computer in all the aspects (not only networking).
  • Being organized, analytical and detail-oriented.
  • Capable of working under pressure and of solving difficult situation.
  • Good communication skills and flexible.
  • Excellent troubleshooting tactics.

To work as a network developer, even when it is not a must, it is a good idea to have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science or in a related field. The universities which are known for having the most important computer degrees are:

  • Carnegie Mellon University, it offers a computer science degree, it is located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.
  • Stanford University, it has a computer science degree, the university is located in Stanford, California.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, it offers a mix degree in Computer Science and Molecular Biology. The university is in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • University of California, Berkeley, it offers a bachelor’s degree with specialization in Communications, Networks and Systems, its installations are in Berkeley California.

Additional certifications are required by most exigent employers. Some of the most important certifications courses are offered by:

  • Cisco (Cisco Certified Network Associate).
  • Microsoft (Microsoft Certified IT Professional).
  • Novell (Certified Novell Administrator).
  • Sun Microsystems (Sun Certified Network Administrator).

If you are currently looking for a job and you want to send a solid resume, review our network development resume templates.

Resumes for Network Development

LAN administrator

NT Unix system administrator

Network administrator

Software Development resume templates

Software development consists in the development and implementation of software systems and applications which make computers work or execute determinate tasks automatically. Software professionals work in a variety of organizations, developing new systems software or applications or modifying and correcting the existing ones.

There are a variety of software professionals, each one of them specializes in a specific field. Some of them are:

  • System developer
  • Software development manager
  • QA test engineer
  • Programmer engineer
  • Software engineer
  • Visual Basic developer
  • Webmaster

Even when the specializations are different, most of the professionals involved in the software development field have these kind of tasks:

  • The gathering of information, to do this the professional has to evaluate, how the organization works in order to define actors, entities, attributes, etc for the system.
  • The creation of flowcharts and use case diagrams, it means to create algorithms the software will use.
  • Program’s code. At this process, the professional writes all the necessaries codes to create the programs; it is done in the languages required by the client.
  • Testing programs; after the software is ready, there is a trail period, during this time the professional sees how well the software works, and take notes of mistakes or failures which will be solved later.
  • The Documentation; the professional has to create a document indicating how the software works and what exactly it does.
  • Maintenance, in order to avoid errors during all the time it is functioning.

To become a software development professional, it is necessary a lot of preparation. However, it is possible to work on this field being a self-learner or having a community college preparation, nevertheless finding a job will be a lot more difficult than for professionals who for example have a bachelor or master’s degree. There are hundreds of universities in the USA, however some of the most recognized ones are:

  • Harvard University, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • Princeton University, it has its locations in Princeton, New Jersey.
  • Yale University, with installations in New Haven, Connecticut
  • Stanford University, located in Stanford, California.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, it is in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

These universities offer degrees in Software Engineering, Information Technology or Computer Engineer, among other related to the field. Check out some resume templates:

Resumes for Software Development


Development manager

QA test engineer

Programmer engineer

Software engineer

Visual Basic developer


Insurance and Pensions

Insurance Sales resume templates

If you have marketing skills and enjoy relating with people then sales might be a career for you. Sellers work in a variety of industries however there is a very profitable and rewarding one: Insurance Sales. An insurance sales representative sells insurance services to customers. To work in this field, it is necessary to:

  • Have a license of the state (only in some).
  • Have strong communication skills.
  • Be persuasive.
  • Know the insurance business.
  • In-depth knowledge of the products they are offering.

Insurance sales workers do not make clients join to any insurance service, they do some research looking for the insurance plan which better meets the customer’s needs, they also have to explain the client all the pros and cons about the service they are about to obtain.

Even when a degree is not a must for this work, having one will give more possibilities of getting a good job. A degree (bachelor or associate) in business administration, marketing or economics are recommendable. But a licence is a must (at least in most of states). You might need to take a pre-license course. These courses are provider in a variety of institutions, however you have to make sure that it is accredited. Once you consider yourself prepared, you can make an appointment to take the exam, besides passing the exam, you have to meet all the requirements to get your license. Some of the most recognized institutions which provide pre-license courses are:

  • Americas’ Training Center, it provides preparation to give the exam in California.
  • Insurance Department Mississippi, it prepares to give the exam in Mississippi.
  • RS Thomas Training Associates Inc., it provides preparation to give the exam in Georgia.
  • Pre, it has different courses for each state, all the courses are online.

Let’s talk about the salary of insurance sales representatives. The way they get paid depends on the company; most of the companies provide a monthly payment, while there are others which paid their workers by commissions. This last one is not probably the most recommendable (even when the commissions are really good), because the less you sell, the less you receive, the incomes are not regular. On the other hand, workers who receive a monthly salary have more stability. In general terms insurance sales representative make around $35,000 and $50,000 per year.

After having sold too many insurance policies, it is possible to become an insurance sales manager. Insurance claims adjusters perform a rather different task: they evaluate whether or not the customer is entitled to receive money according to the insurance policy. Check our insurance sales resume templates now.

Resumes for Insurance Sales

Insurance executive

Insurance claims adjuster

Law enforcement and protection Industry

Emergency Services resume templates

Most people do not work on weekends or holidays, however there are others who never rest, they work all year round even during holidays and especial celebrations (mother’s day, birthdays, etc.). Who are they? Well, they are emergency workers. As the name says, emergency workers are the ones who protect all the citizens by attending them during any type of emergency they have. There are several types of emergency professionals as: paramedics, firefighters, fire chief, emergency dispatchers, etc.

People who work in the emergency field have to do a lot of sacrifices, they do not only work during the 365 days of the year, but they also work for many hours during the day, sometimes even when their shift is over. Also if there is an emergency and the department has a lack of personnel, they have to work, even if they are on their free day.

As you can see professionals who work in the emergency field, have to face a lot of difficulties, because as a matter of fact it is a very challenging career, however it is also very rewarding and can provide a variety of satisfactions which cannot be achieved working in other careers. The satisfactions are mainly in the personal or professional aspects, unfortunately and even when the salary for emergency services providers in the USA is one of the highest of the world, it is not as high as it should be. For example the average salary of a fire fighter in the USA is of $45,000 per year, while paramedics receive a little less about $35,000 in the same period of time. Nevertheless, in the case of paramedics the salary can increase as long as the professional gains experience and certifications.

If you are planning to work in the emergency services field, it is necessary for you to think it through because these careers are not for everybody, they require a lot of preparation and sacrifice. Before considering this field, analyze if you are:

  • Brave, generous and calm.
  • In excellent physical condition.
  • Capable of working under pressure.
  • Not afraid of heights, water, fire, etc.

Besides the personal requirements, to become an emergency professional it is also necessary to:

  • Have a high school diploma.
  • Pass a drug test and a physical examination.
  • Have some medical training; the EMS (Emergency Medical Services) is the minimum requirement.
  • Obtain the cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification.
  • Possess an in-depth knowledge of the equipment used by the department.
  • Being certified by the state (only in some professions).

In the exclusive case of the paramedics, they need a more extensive knowledge of medical procedures, for this reason taking medicine courses is highly recommended. If you have all the skills required and you feel interested about this fascinating field, do not wait any longer; apply to an emergency services job. Remember that preparing a good resume is the first step to succeed in this industry, in order to solve all your doubts take a look at the examples below.

Resumes for Emergency Services

Fire chief


Legal Professions Industry

Ancillary Legal Professionals resume templates

Lawyers are the professionals who solve all the legal problems of a person; they use all their knowledge of the law in order to avoid a person for being punished by the justice. In order to do this, a lawyer needs to collect a variety of documents and information which can be later used as evidence. Since lawyers do not have a lot of time due to the several cases they have at the same time, the function of collecting this information is done by: Ancillary legal professionals.

An ancillary worker at any field provides help to the person who carry out the main activities. It means that they assist lawyers. There are several specializations of ancillary legal professionals, some of the most popular are:

  • Attorneys.
  • Legal aid workers
  • Legal clerks
  • Legal secretary
  • Paralegal, etc.

Whatever the specialization you have, to start a career as an ancillary it is necessary to have some legal knowledge. A high schools diploma is a must, as well as a certification of the specialization you have. For example, if you want to be a legal secretary, you will need some preparation in this field. However, to become a paralegal, it is necessary to have a two-year or four-year program from an accredited institution. Having a bachelor degree (four-year program) will give more opportunities to enter to a large firm than having an associate degree (two-year program).

As it is know there are several types of lawyers (prosecutor, criminal defense, corporate, civil litigations, divorce, family, etc.), it is another aspect to be considered during the preparation of ancillary legal professionals, because you will need to have different knowledge and to develop different skills, according to the type of lawyer you work for.

The salary of ancillary legal professionals depends on the function they perform, for example:

  • Paralegals, the starting salary for these professionals is about 30 thousand dollar per year, on the other hand, professionals with more than 5 years of experience can earn around 40 to 50 thousand during the same period of time.
  • Legal secretaries, they can make around 30 000 to 50,000 per year. The salary of these professionals depends a lot on two things: the type of firm and the state, in the USA the estate which pays the most is California.
  • Legal clerks, their salary depend of several aspects, the type of organization where they work, the qualifications and the working experience. For example, the salary of the recent graduate workers with excellent qualifications does not exceed the 30 thousand per year while the ones which do not have certification degrees, do not earn more than 20 thousand. Workers with several years of experience receive an annual salary of about 36 thousand per year.

Law is a very difficult field, there is a lot of competition and for this reason it is important for you to be well-prepared. However, having excellent qualifications is a plus and you have to show them. And the only way to let the employer know about your qualifications is trough your resume. Here we provide some resumes samples which you can use as models to create one for your own. You must write your resume in the most detailed manner; proofread many times to make sure that it doesn’t sound too vague.

Resumes for Ancillary Legal Professionals


Legal Aid worker

Legal clerk

Legal secretary


Leisure, Sport and Tourism Industry

Sports Services resume templates

Nowadays, sports services professionals have more employment opportunities than before, because now people care more about their personal appearance and physical shape. Years ago only bodybuilders used to go the gym, however in the present, gyms are visited by people (men and women) of all ages, social conditions and occupations.

Sport services professionals work at gyms or at other sport institutions. Some of the careers in the sports services field are: aerobics instructor, athletic trainer and trainer: let’s talk a little bit about each one of them.

Aerobics instructor: An aerobics instructor is a fitness professional who led an exercise class to one person or to a group of them. Aerobics instructors have to be constantly working with people, for this reason they must possess excellent communication activities, easy going, active and the of course being in an excellent physical condition.

To work as an aerobics instructor, first at all you need take as many aerobics classes as possible in order for you to learn a variety of aerobics styles. Even when it is not a must, it is a really good idea to obtain a certification; it was not required in the past, however nowadays the majority of the best fitness facilities ask for it. Being a certified aerobics instructor will increase your possibilities of getting a job. Aerobics instructors get paid by hour, the average amount is about $14 per hour. Professionals who develop innovative aerobics techniques obviously can earn more (about 20 to 25 dollars per hour).

Athletic trainer: An athletic trainer is a health professional who treats all type of sports injuries. Their main functions are: injury prevention, trauma rehabilitation and immediate care provision. To work as an athletic trainer, the professional must at least have a bachelor’s degree in the field from an accredited college. Take extra courses in therapeutic exercise, nutrition, human anatomy, etc is also advisable. Once you finish studying, you have to obtain the license from the state you will work in, once you get it you are free to work.

Athletic trainers can work in a variety of industries, and the salary they receive varies according to the industry. For example professionals working in the colleges or universities are the ones who receive the least; they earn an average salary of $35 thousand per year. The professionals working in public schools have a different situation because they can make more than $42 thousand per year.

Trainer: As the name says, the function of a trainer is to train a person or a group of people in a sport discipline, trainers usually trains a person or a team which that is or will be participating in a competition. To work as a trainer an especial certification is not necessary; however the person has to take courses in the specialization he/she is going to teach. Remember that in sports the rules and techniques are constantly changing. For this reason trainers have to take refresher courses from time to time.

Even when it is not a must, it is a really good idea to get certified; nowadays there are a lot of institutions which can offer a trainer certification. This will also help you get a better job and as a result a better salary. Usually the most prepared professionals are the ones who work in schools, universities or private sport intuitions, these places are the ones which pay the most, the hourly salary they give is between 20 to 35 dollars the hour. Private trainers have a different situation, they can be underpaid about $12 per hour, nevertheless they can also be overpaid, getting salaries of up to 50 dollars for only hour of work.

Regardless the sports service you provide, it is important to have a CPR and First AID certification, this information is very important and have to be added in your resume. If you have doubts about how to make your resume, take a look at the examples provided here.

Resumes for Sports Services

Aerobics instructor

Athletic trainer


Tourism Services resume template

The main function of a travel agent is to sell. They sell travel services and products as air tickets, tours, car rental, hotel services, etc. A travel agent works for a travel agency and event when the company offers the services or products; it does not possess any of these because they just sell the products on behalf of the supplier.

A travel agent does not only sell, they have to help customers take the most appropriate decision about its journey. Customers are not usually familiar with trip promotions or packages, neither with tours, that is why it is the obligation of the travel agent to talk about the pros and cons of each one of the promotions available at that moment.

Since the job does not only consist in selling, travel agents need to develop a variety of skills in order to be:

  • Be communicative, friendly and polite.
  • Be persuasive and patient.
  • Capable of working under pressure and of dealing with all type of people.
  • Organized and capable of doing several actions at the same time.
  • Detail-oriented.
  • Multilingual.

If you are planning to become a travel agent, you must know that is advisable to have a travel agent license. There are two possible ways of doing this:

The first one is by going to a college and get a degree in travel or tourism, in order to achieve this degree you have to go to an accredited school as:

  • The University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMass) offers the Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM). IT is located in Amherst, Massachusetts.
  • The University of Central Florida has the Rosen College of Hospitality Management, this schools offer the Bachelor of Science in hospitality management. It also offers a Master of Science in Hospitality & Tourism Management degree. It campus is in Orlando, Florida.
  • The Johnson & Wales University is located in Providence, Rhode Island and it offers several degrees for tourism as: International Hotel & Tourism Management, Travel-Tourism & Hospitality Management and Hotel & Lodging Management.
  • The Strayer University offers the certification of Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality and Tourism Management.

The second possibility of getting a travel agent certification is by going to a travel school. Some of the most recognized is the associate degree in Applied Science in Global Travel and Hospitality Management offered by Kaplan University.

It is also important to know that there are some states (14) which require a Travel Sellers License, getting this license is not really difficult. The states are: California, Delaware, Illinois, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Maine, Rhode Island, Florida, Hawaii, Virginia, Iowa, Washington and Pennsylvania.

About the salary of travel agents, it goes from $20 000 to $50 000 per year. The experience and the certifications define the salary. Obviously the least experience and preparation the least the salary is. For this reason it is very important to write down all the sales experience you have in your travel agent resume, the working experience as well as the certifications must be in chronological order, to learn more about how to write a good resume check the following samples.

Resumes for Tourism Services

Travel agent

Management and Statistics Industry

Management resume templates

Management is the activity of directing a company or any type of institution. The functions of the management department of an organization are: planning, organizing, staffing, directing, scheduling and controlling the workers, as well as the resources of the complete organization or of one of its department. Managers do all these activities with the purpose of ensuring the accomplishment of the goals the institution set.

There are managers that specialize in specific industries, for example, operation managers, customer service managers, project managers, accounts managers, marketing managers, sales managers, HR managers, advertising managers, administrative managers, payroll managers, etc.

Becoming a manager is not easy; it is necessary a lot of preparation and to develop a number of skills. Due to the several responsibilities managers have, they must possess a variety of skills in order to do those activities successfully. A good manager must:

  • Be organized, analytical and detail-oriented.
  • Be able to take fast decisions, even under pressure.
  • Have excellent communicational and interpersonal skills.
  • Be capable of motivating employees and making them feel comfortable.
  • Possess good problem-solving skills and be a good listener.

Besides the previously mentioned qualifications, managers need at least a bachelor’s degree to work in companies. This degree must be in the specialization they have chosen. Besides that, taking courses in psychology, human resources and financial fields is a good idea if you want to have better employment opportunities. Nevertheless, if what you are looking are high positions in a company, then you need two things, more than ten years experience and a master’s degree in management with concentration in the field you want to work in. There are some universities which offer management degrees which are recognized around the world, they are:

  • Harvard University: this private university offers a management degree with concentration in a variety of fields as HR, accounting, finance, marketing, etc. Harvard has its campus in Boston, Massachusetts. The business program of this university is considered as the number one of the USA.
  • Stanford University; it is located in Stanford, California. This university offers several management undergraduate and graduate degrees.
  • The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania; its locations are in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This university offers a Bachelor of Science in Economics with concentration in management.

Your resume must show all the skills you have, even though it must not be too long. Below you will find several resume samples which show how to write a short resume but listing all your qualifications and skills.

Resumes for Management

Management consultant

Administrative services manager

Statistical Services resume templates

Statistics is the branch of mathematics which deals with the collection, analysis and interpretation of data, in order to determinate parameters about people. Statisticians are the professionals capable of doing these activities; they must have an in-depth knowledge of numbers and calculations in order to create numerical and/or graphical representations of the data. The data used for analysis is usually collected by surveys or experiments.

A bachelor’s degree in statistics or mathematics will only give the opportunity to get a junior-level position. If you want to get better employment opportunities you must at least have a master’s degree in the field, bigger institutions might require a Ph.D. Having studies of psychology is also recommendable.

If you want to obtain a statistics degree, you can do it in the universities mention below; they have some of the most recognized statistics degrees:

  • University of Washington; it is located in Seattle, Washington. It has one of the most important departments of Statistic in the USA. This university offers bachelor and master’s degrees, as well as Ph.D.
  • University of Chicago; it offers one of the most important BA in Statistics, it also offers a Joint BA/MS Program, it means that students can get a double certification a Bachelor of Arts in any field other than statistics and a Master of Science in Statistics, in only four years. The campus is located in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Colorado State University offers a major in math, with concentration in statistics. It also offers graduate degrees as: Master’s in Applied Statistics (MAS).

The level of education the professional has affects the salary he/she will receive. Recent graduate statisticians who only have a bachelor’s degree will more likely obtain a job as junior statisticians and as a consequence the salary will be kind of low, it will range from 38 to 41 thousand dollars per year. On the other hand statisticians with more than five years of experience and with a master degree can earn between 50 and 70 thousand in one year. Finally, the salary of the professionals with over 15 years of experience can pass the $100,000 in a year.

Below you will find samples which you can personalize to write your own resume.

Resumes for Statistical Services


Media and Broadcasting Industry

Broadcast Media Production resume templates

Broadcasting consists in the distribution of video and audio content trough a communication medium as radio or television. Broadcast media consists in the presentation and transmission of news to the general public. In this field, many professionals are involved, some are: reporters, animators, graphic designers, set designers, producers, etc.

Probably of all the professionals previously mentioned, producers are the ones who have bigger responsibilities because they have to supervise that the rest of the team perform their obligations correctly. A producer is the decision-maker of a show, he/she has to take all the final decisions about every aspect of the show. Since decisions are taken by them, they will have to deal with the consequences, whether they are positive or negative.

To obtain a job in the broadcasting media production business, the person needs a bachelor’s degree in Media or in a related discipline. However do not expect to get a producer job as soon as you finish school, as a matter of fact, you will have to work your way up, and in the first years of your career you might work as a production assistant. In this way you will gain experience and apply later to better job positions.

The salary of the people working in the Broadcasting media production field varies according to the size of the company.

  • Small stations pay a lot less than the bigger ones; this is why they usually hire professionals with little experience. This type of companies does not pay more than $35 thousand per year.
  • Middle-sized companies pay a little more, between 39 and 49 thousand dollar per year. It is also necessary to mention that to enter to this type of companies, due to the large competition, it is necessary to have a master’s degree in the field.
  • The annual salary large stations or network newscasts offer can exceed the $70, 000, however for people to enter to these companies, they require a lot of experience and to have several successful projects.

When you are applying for a job, a list of your most successful projects and achievements have to be included in your resume. Remember that you only have to list them do not include details. Check out the resume samples below.

Resumes for Broadcast Media Production


Set designer

Broadcasting resume templates

When people think about broadcasting professionals, they usually think about the people who are in front of the camera. However, there are a lot of anonymous people behind cameras who work really hard to make the business work. Some of the two most important broadcasting team members are: the camera operator and the film editor. As it is obvious these two careers are related with the television field. Now, let’s go into each one of them in depth.

Camera operators operate cameras which record TV shows. These workers operate all type of cameras: the stationary ones mounted on wheeled pedestals and used to record in studios, and the digital ones mostly used for outdoor recording. But camera operators do not only record, they also:

  • Set up cameras.
  • Load and change cassettes.
  • Place cameras in tripods.
  • Advise the director about shot angles.
  • Prepare and maintain all the equipment they use (tripods, monitors, headphones, leads and lighting).
  • Give suggestions about lighting and sound.

To work as a camera operator it is necessary to have technical knowledge; it can be acquired by attending a community college (two-year degree) or a certified university (bachelor’s degree). It is also possible to get certified by online schools. The University of Southern California has some of the most recognized degrees in Cinematic Arts.

The salary camera operators get depends on the industry they work, camera operators can work in the TV, movies or music videos industry. The industry which pays the highest is the movie industry; it offers an average salary of $55 thousand per years. However and even when the salaries are not the highest, the TV broadcasting is the one which employs the largest number of these professionals, the salary they receive is about 45,000 dollars per year.

Film editor. As the name says, film editors edit movies. They work is based on the director’s specifications; they cut scenes and join other ones, in order to give the story continuity and sense. Film editors also insert music and special effects in the film.

  • Editors must be able to follow instructions, because they will be constantly receiving them from the director.
  • They have to be creative and patient too.
  • Another important thing about the films editors is that they should not have problems working for more hours that the usual, they will be often asked to work at nights or during the weekends.

Most of the employers look for candidates who have a bachelor’s degree, however it is possible for professionals who have an associate’s degree to obtain jobs, but most likely they will have a lower salary than college professionals. The average salary that a college graduate receives is of 55 dollars thousand per year, while community college graduate earn about $35 thousand.

Add all your certifications in your Broadcasting resume, it is also important to add all the job experience related with the field. Below there are some resume samples, take a look at them to get an idea about how to make a good Broadcasting resume.

Resumes for Broadcasting

Camera operator

Film editor

Performing Arts Industry

Performance Production resume templates

A composer is someone who writes music for a variety of uses. There are several types of composers as:

  • The ones who compose music to be used by singers in a CD production.
  • The ones who write jingles. Jingles are songs used in the publicity of a product; a jingle has to be a catchy melody and must include the benefits of the product or service.
  • The ones who create the incidental music for television programs or movies. They have to create the music according to the scene in order to bring out the viewer’s emotions.
  • And finally, the ones who create soundtracks. A soundtrack is the song which characterizes the movie.

There are two essential things that a composer must have: natural talent and technical knowledge. In order to be a good composer, the person must:

  • Posses an in-depth knowledge of music theory and music styles.
  • Be proficient at several musical instruments.
  • Be capable of writing in a variety of music styles.
  • Be able to write and read sheet music.

Even when it is not a strict requirement, there are certain companies which require a bachelor’s degree certification; however there are others which only pay attention to the skills mentioned before and to the jobs done before.

The music field is a very competitive one, becoming a successful composer is not easy and sometimes talent is not enough, there are times where luck plays an important role too. There are music composers which receive exorbitant payments for their works, while there are others which make just the necessary to leave. The salary of a composer depends on two main aspects:

  • The client or company they work for.
  • How popular the composition gets.

It is important to know that the composers earn money by each work they do, most of the time, they do not have a monthly salary. They get paid when the work is published. Another important thing to know is that sometimes the composer gets paid by commissions; it means that the more the work sells, the more the money he/she receives. The average salary of a composer which works for middle-sized companies is around $40,000 per year. However composers who write music for very popular films or TV shows can easily make more than one hundred thousand in just one year.

As you can see, to have a good composer career, it is very important to be known by many people who work in the show business, for this reason it is a good idea to have your resume with you all the time, so that you can give one as soon as you have an opportunity. Write your resume using the following example as guide.

Resumes for Performance Production


Performing and Presenting resume templates

A performer is an entertainer, an artist who performs a show with the purpose of entertaining an audience. There are a big variety of performers as: magicians, singers, actors, musicians, dancers, comedians, Disc Jockeys (DJs), hosts, etc. Performers work in a variety of places as films, theaters, stadiums, discotheques, clubs, etc, there are even artists who perform on the street, they are called street performers.

To become a performer, it is necessary to receive preparation in the field you want to work in. For example, people who want to become actors or actress can take acting classes in a variety of institutions, however they will have more employment opportunities if they get a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. Some of the best acting schools in the USA are:

  • The Theater Schools of the University of Southern California.
  • The New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.
  • The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.
  • The American Film Institute.
  • The School of Theater of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).
  • The Actors Studio Drama School of Pace University.

If you want to be an actor, but a theater actor, it is also possible to assist to these institutions, nevertheless the ones which specialize in theater are:

  • The Theater Schools of the University of Southern California.
  • The New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.
  • The Actors Studio Drama School of Pace University.

However, a different preparation is needed if you for example want become a Disc jockey (DJ). A disc Jockey plays music. But they also have other functions according to the place where they work, some plays and mix songs in order to create new beats; they usually work in clubs or in places to dance. Other DJs just play music and entertain; they mostly work in radio shows. There is no a DJ school, people have to learn from by watching others and practicing, nevertheless if you want to be a radio DJ, a degree in journalism, communication or broadcasting will be necessary, since you will be doing a lot of talking.

To become a performer the talent is not the only necessary thing, it is also necessary to feel real passion about what you do. Performers have to train for long hours and do not have a defined schedule; rehearsals can be prolonged for many hours in which they have to stay there practicing. Also there might be times when you will not get a job. Most of the performers’ careers are very unrewarding, that is why we can say that the most important aspects of personality performers have to develop are persistence and patience.

Also do not expect to become millionaire form one day to another. We always hear about the exorbitant salaries that famous performers (especially singers and actors) have, but this is because they are very famous and recognized around the world. Nevertheless when you are starting, you will have to do it in small productions or companies, and you should not expect to receive a very large salary. Preparing a resume for a performer is not easy; this is why we recommend you to look at the examples provided below, those samples will help you create your own resume.

Resumes for Performing and Presenting

Actor / actress

Disc jockey


Publishing and journalism industry

Journalism and Writing resume templates

Journalists and copywriters have something in common: they write a lot. Because of this, a lot of people think they do the same activities. But as a matter of fact, the differences between them are more than the similarities. As it was mentioned before the only thing they share is the writing.

The first difference can be the certifications, even when they both will take a lot of writing courses during their careers, the certification they pursue is completely different. Journalists look for degrees in journalism, communications or English, while copywriters pursue degrees in marketing, business or advertising.

Now that we are talking about the degrees, it is important to know which universities offer the best degrees for these careers. Let’s start with journalism, there are over one hundred accredited journalism programs in the USA, however the best ones are the offered by:

  • The University of Missouri, in its School of Journalism.
  • Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.
  • The Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

While these are some of the most recognized universities where it is possible to obtain a degree related with copywriting:

  • University of Southern California – Marshall Marketing Department.
  • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor – Stephen M. Ross School of Business.
  • University of California, Berkeley – Haas School of Business.

Now, let’s continue with the differences, the second difference between these professionals can be the duties they perform.

The main duty of a copywriter is to create phrases which will be later used in advertising campaigns of a product or service. Copywriters can write slogans, scripts for TV commercials, website content, billboards, etc. All of them have to be catchy in order to attract people’s attention and interest. On the other hand, journalists create reports that will be later shown to the public. It means that while copywriters invent their phases, journalist have to investigate all the facts around an event to create a report. Journalists have to base their reports on facts, they can not invent anything. Journalists work for a variety of means of communication as: radio stations, TV stations, magazines, newspapers, websites, etc.

The salaries of these professionals depend on where they work. Journalists who work in print media have lower salaries than the ones working for broadcast media. Journalists working in radio and TV stations have an average annual salary of 50 thousand dollars per year, while the ones in newspapers or magazines make about 35. Similar situation have the copywriters their salary depend on the type of clients they have, for examples the ones which have small business as clients make around 48 thousand dollars per year, the ones working for large corporations can make up to 65 and those working for nonprofit organizations make a little less about 40 thousands.

As in all careers, a well-redacted resume is crucial to get a job interview, aware of the importance, we provide some samples, take a look at them below.

Resumes for Journalism and Writing



Staff journalist

Print Publishing resume templates

Print Publishing is the business of producing printed media (books, magazines, newspapers, among others) with the purpose of distributing or selling them. Before actually publishing a book, there are several stages which must be followed, these stages are part of a process called pre-production, and they are:

Stage 1: The editorial stage, once the decision of publishing a book is taken, the author might be asked to make some changes to the work. After that the work has to be reviewed, that is where textbook editors are required.

A book editor is the professional who reviews books; they have to make sure that the spelling, grammar and content of a manuscript are correct and according to the author and the company’s specifications. Book editors have also to make sure that the text transmit the idea desired and that it can be understandable by everybody.

To work as a book editor a bachelor’s degree in English, literary, journalism or media are required. However, if you want to work in a specific field as science, medicine, politics, etc, you will also need preparation in the disciplines.

Stage 2: The design stage, in this process the manuscript is prepared to the publishing. At this stage, it is possible to select and define aspects as fonts, font sizes, images, designs, page layouts, column justification, colors, cover designs, etc, to sum up is the stage in which is decide how will the book look. This work is usually done by desktop publishers.

Desktop publishers use a variety of computer programs in order to edit the way a printed publication (books, magazines, brochures, catalogs, business and presentation cards, etc.) will look. Nevertheless, desktop publishers do not only work with printed material, they also work with website materials. There is not a desktop publisher degree, however computer knowledge is necessary, for this reason having a degree in graphic design, computer science, graphic arts or graphic communication will be necessary.

Stage 3: The sales and marketing stage, after the book is published, it has to be promoted around the media, in order for the good to be known by the public.

As you can see the process for print publishing is not easy, a lot of time is needed and also several professionals have to intervene on it. If you are one of these professionals take a look at the resume examples provided in this page, they will help you to improve your own resume.

Resumes for Print Publishing

Desktop publisher

Textbook editor

Retailing, buying and selling

Buying resume templates

Regardless what they do, all companies need goods and services to do their activities and these products have to be bought. Buying is the activity of getting something by paying money for it. Some companies delegate these functions to buying professionals because they know the market and have knowledge of the prices, offers, etc. Companies usually have several buying positions available as: purchasing agents, purchasing managers, buyers. Let’s talk a little about them.

But first it is important to define the function of each one of them. The difference between purchasing managers and purchasing agents is clear, purchasing managers are one position above from agents, in fact managers direct agents. But the confusion is usually between purchasing agents and buyers, people they think they do the same, and as a matter of fact that is not completely wrong, the function of they both is to buy products on behalf of the company they work for, however the difference is on what they buy, purchasing agents buy products which will be later used by the company while buyers buy products which will be later resell.

They are the professionals in charge of the acquisition of all the company needs (products or services). These professionals have to take care of the company’s interests, for this reason, they have to bargain with contractors and supplier in order to get a good price. Purchasing workers have to:

  • Buy high-quality products and services without spending too much money.
  • Keep updated of the latest price change.
  • Be aware of what the best products and services are.
  • Be persuasive and excellent negotiators.
  • Also, some companies ask their workers to be multilingual, since they will have to travel abroad or to negotiate with people from other countries.

Usually to get a job as purchasing agent, a bachelor’s degree in business, economics, finances or a related field is required. Experience in the field (purchasing or sales) is also required. However, professionals who want to apply to purchasing manager positions are asked to have a master’s degree in any of the related field. That is because they have more responsibilities than purchasing agents or buyers, they the head of the purchasing department and as it was mentioned before; they have to supervise and direct buyers and purchasing agents.

For workers involved in the buying field, it is recommendable to join at least a purchasing association, being part of an association will give a bonus to your resume because they constantly offer important information about the field, training courses and career opportunities. Some of the most important associations are:

  • The Institute of Supply Management (ISM).
  • The National Association of Educational Procurement (NAEP).
  • The National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP).

Below we offer you some examples of resumes in the three buying specializations mentioned in the text.

Resumes for Buying

Purchasing agent

Purchasing manager

Zoology resume template

Retail Support resume templates

Retail consists in the sale of products to customers which later will use for their own consume. There are a variety of retail locations as department stores, supermarkets, boutiques, malls, ware house stores, hypermarkets, etc. Retail stores sell all kind of products for examples: groceries, items of clothing, electric devices, cell phones, etc. People who work in retail stores are in constant contact with customers, fact which sometimes can turn difficult, for this reason they need to develop certain skills:

  • Communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Patience and capability to accept negative criticism.
  • Polite, positive and enthusiastic.
  • Persuasive and with excellent sales skills.
  • Organized and self-motivated.
  • Capable of dealing with all type of people.

All the retail employees need these characteristics regardless what their position is, it does not matter if you they are cashiers, retail agents, cleaning staff or security personnel, they all need these skills without exception. However, there are two retail workers which need them the most, they are: customer service agents and department store managers, they are the ones who have to help customers in the case they have an inquiry, problem or doubt. Let’s talk a little more about them.

A customer service agent is the responsible of making the customers feel comfortable and get what they need. They have to be at the disposal of the customer as soon as he/she enters to the store, whenever the customer has a doubt about a product they have to solve it. They also have to handle customer’s complains and find them an appropriate solution which satisfies the customer but without affecting the company. Customer service agents are not forced to obtain a college degree, having skills mentioned above and experience are the only requirements.

In the case of department store manager, since they have a superior charge they also have more responsibilities. The first is that if the customer service agent cannot solve a situation he will have to do it on his her behalf. But they also have administrative responsibilities as:

  • Assigning task and schedules to workers.
  • Hiring new workers.
  • Interviewing job applicants.
  • Training new employees.
  • Handle the payroll.
  • Developing strategies to make the company increase sells.
  • Analyzing sales tendencies.

Take a look at the samples of resumes provided in this page, they will help you obtaining a good position in the retail field.

Resumes for Retail Support

Customer service agent

Department store manager

Retailing resume templates

Retailing is the business of selling goods to customers in a variety of stores. Retailing customers go shopping for their own consumption because of that, sales are usually in small quantities. Retail businesses count with a variety of staff members which provide help to customers. In some exclusive stores, they offer a personalized service in which each customer has an employee just for him/her. Some of the most common retaining job positions are: Cashiers, retail clerks, retail managers, temp workers and warehouse managers.

Some of the job positions available at retail businesses do not require preparation, for example to become a cashier all you need is a high school diploma, the preparation will be given by the employer. Retail clerks and temp workers (depending on the position) do not require more than post-secondary education either. Nevertheless, these professionals as well as all the ones working in the retailing business have to be patient, outgoing, helpful, fast with number and capable of remembering things as prices, designers, qualities, etc.

On the other hand, higher positions usually require more than a high school diploma. For example, people looking for a position as a retail manager need experience in the field as well as a degree. This degree can be from a community college, however larger companies usually ask for a bachelor’s degree. People who want to become a warehouse manager must at least have a bachelor’s degree in business administration, business management, supply chain management, logistic or a related field. For any of the two job positions experience is a must.

Salaries in the retail field vary according to the position. Cashiers make around 8 to 9 dollars per hour. Clerks make a little more, their salary is between 7 to 14 dollars, depending on the size and type of business. In the management positions the salaries go from 12 to 30, depending also on the size of the company, as well as on the functions the person develops. A good way of getting a job as a manager in the retailing field is by starting from the bottom: what many people do is to start in lower positions as retailing clerks or cashiers and study at the same time, so when they finish the career they apply for a higher position in the same company, in this way the chances of getting the job are higher because you do not have the educational background but you also have the knowledge of how the company works.

There are many types of retail jobs. However, the first task that retail clerks must perform is to sell products to their clients. Retail clerks also work as cashiers. They also inform their customers about the features of the products; its advantages and disadvantages. If you want to have a clear idea about how to write a resume, you can check our retailing resume templates.

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Retail clerk

Retail manager

Temp worker

Warehouse manager

Selling resume templates

Selling means to exchange products or services for an amount of money or its equivalent. Selling is also the labor of some people in which they have to persuade someone to buy the product or service they are offering. Sells are done by sell agents or sales representatives; they usually do this action on behalf of a company or somebody else. However working as a sales agent is not easy a lot of skills are required, some of the main requirements to be a sales agent are:

  • The most important all, posses a natural sell talent.
  • The person must be outgoing and extrovert.
  • Patience, perseverance and persuasive skills are fundamental too.
  • Being direct and honest, a good seller should never lie.
  • In-depth knowledge of the product /service you are offering.
  • Being good with numbers and a fast decision-maker.
  • Keep updated with the latest market changes.
  • Posses some financial knowledge.
  • Being organized, independent and capable of working under pressure.

There are several types of sales workers, each one of them has different obligations. These are some of the main sales positions: sales agents, sales representatives, general sales managers, sales support administrators, ticket agent, among others. For entry sales positions a college degree is not obligatory, however if you want to advance and obtain management positions, certifications they will help you achieve that. Degrees in marketing, business management, communications and public relations are good alternatives. If want to dedicate to a specific field as pharmaceutical, insurance or medical you will to prepare yourself about this fields too.

To obtain higher positions in the sales industry a degree in a related field is necessary, nevertheless experience is necessary, for this reason it is recommendable to start with lower positions in this way you will gain the necessary experience to carry out all the management functions correctly. It is also very important to take some public-speaking courses because you will have to talk with a lot of people. Another important fact is the languages knowledge, there will be opportunities in which you will have to communicate with people from other countries, for these reason being familiar with a couple of languages is a very good idea to have an advantage over other competitors, these be mainly used if you want to apply to a big company which has operations around the globe.

The salary of the sales workers depends on the positions they have. The ones who receive the most are the sales managers; their salary ranges from $55,000 to $150,000 per year, as it obvious the type of company where they work influence on it, manages in small stores earn the less, while the ones who work for large companies or which have several branch offices receive higher payments. On the other hand sales representative make a lot less, their minimum salary is 30 thousand dollar while the best paid do not pass the $55,000. We can also mention ticket sales agents; the payment they receive is usually not higher than 40 000 dollars per year.

Below we are offering a variety of resume samples which can help you design yours in a correct way.

Resumes for Selling

General manager sales

Sales representative

Sales manager

Sales support administrator

Ticket agent

Scientific Services Industry

Scientific Technical Support resume templates

As the name says a laboratory technician works in a laboratory, in there they analyze test, measure samples, data and information, using a variety of tools and with the purpose of discovering new facts about an issue. These professionals can work in medical, dental, chemical, criminal, biological, ophthalmology, etc. Lab technicians are also required in companies which develop petroleum, water or chemical products. Universities, schools, research institutions and colleges might also require these professionals.

To become a lab technician is necessary to have some educational qualifications, these qualifications can be:

  • A one year-certification program.
  • A two-year associate’s degree.
  • A bachelor’s degree in the field you will work in.
  • A master’s degree.

The first two degrees are useful only if the person is not pursuing a specialized position as medical, dental or ophthalmology position. The bachelor’s and master’s degree must be with a major in you are planning to specialize in. After you obtain your degree (only in the case of medicine) it is very recommendable to take a certification exam. With these exams you will be a Certified Medical Laboratory Technician; these certifications are offered by The American Medical Technologist or The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP).

When you choose a school, it is important to make sure that it is accredited; otherwise your degree will be useless some of the most important ones are:

  • Houston Community College is located in Texas; this community college offers an Associate Degree of Applied Science in Clinical Laboratory Technology.
  • Elmira College, it offers an associate degree of Applied Science in Clinical Laboratory Technician.
  • DeVry University it offers a Bachelor’s degree program in Clinical Laboratory Science. DeVry University has over 95 locations around the USA and Canada.
  • The San Francisco State University is located in San Francisco California, it offers a Bachelor’s of science in Laboratory Science with a major in biology (most common, not obligatory).

There are several specializations for laboratory technicians and the salary they receive varies according to it, for example:

  • Crime Lab Technicians have an average salary of 55 thousand dollars per year, however the professionals who have several degrees and long experience can make up to 85 thousands.
  • Medical Lab Technicians receive a little more, their salary ranges from 50 to 60 thousand dollars in a year. Also the professionals with masters or PhDs earn more because they can get jobs in better places.
  • Biological Laboratory Technicians earn a salary which is around 40 and 50 thousand dollar in one year.
  • Dental lab technicians have one of the lowest salaries in the field; their salary fluctuates around $35,000 and $44,000 per year. However, there is a low percent which makes more than $50,000 in the same period of time, these professionals have achieved several degrees and have more than 20 years of experience.

Resumes for Scientific Technical Support

Laboratory technician

Social Care and Guidance work Indutry

Community and Welfare resume template

Community service is the work done by someone but without receiving a monetary compensation. Community work can sometimes be imposed as a punishment for committing a crime or offense. However we are going to talk about the volunteer community service work. People involve in the community and welfare services do it in order to benefit other people or an institution which provide help to other too.

Working without expecting any financial compensation is not for everybody, nevertheless it is one of the most rewarding, generous and unselfish actions we can do. To get involved in the community and welfare service you have to:

  • Choose the community service area which you like to be part of. Select the area according to the things you like the most, you can choose between children, animals, elderly, sick people, etc.
  • Contact an institution which provides the community service in the field you choose. Good places to look are hospitals, churches, shelters, convents, schools, etc. Also there are organizations which provide help to a specific type of people, for examples there are animals, women, children, family organizations, among others.

In the community service field, there are paid positions. Once you are involved in the field and gain experience you can apply to better job positions as community service coordinator or community service manager. To obtain this kind of positions a degree is a must. There are some colleges accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) which offer certifications in social work, nevertheless a degree in fields like psychology, sociology are also helpful. Some of the top accredited universities which offer a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Social Work are:

  • The Appalachian State University is a public college located in Boone, New York. This university offers a bachelor’s and master’s degree in social work. These degrees offer two main concentrations: individuals and families or community and organizational practice.
  • The Florida State University is also a public school, it does not only offer a bachelor’s and master’s degree in social work, but it also offers a Ph.D. in the field. This university is located in Tallahassee, Florida and in the 2010 was ranked as one of the best in the country.
  • The University of Southern California is located in Los Angeles California. It offers one of the most recognized master’s degrees in social work and has some concentrations to choose from.

The salary of community service managers vary according to the type of employer. Companies which pay the most are the ones involved in the health care industry; they pay around $55 thousand per year, while companies which are in the child care field pay around 38,000 dollars.

If you are interested in working in this field or if you are already working on it and want to apply to a different position a good resume is necessary, below there are some samples which can be very helpful in the development of your own.

Resumes for Community and Welfare

Community service

Counselling and Psychotherapy resume template

Psychotherapy is the branch of medicine which treats people who suffer from a physical impairments or disabilities. The purpose of the psychotherapy is to restore the functionality of the full body or of a part of it trough exercises, mechanical devices, massages or trough the application of electricity, heat, water, and cold. Usually psychotherapy treats physical disabilities which are the result of accidents, or another illness as poliomyelitis, brain hemorrhage, etc.

The professionals who work in this field are called physical therapists, PTs or physiatrist. And in order to become one it is necessary a lot of preparation.

1. The first step is to obtain a bachelor’s degree, usually PTs choose major in anatomy or physics; however it is up to you.

2. Then a graduate degree is necessary. There are two possible degrees for physical therapists: Master’s degree in Physical Therapy or a Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DTP). Nowadays there is a lot of competition in this field, for this reason a DTP is the most recommendable option. Remember that to obtain any a degree (bachelor’s master’s or DTP) practices in the field are necessary.

3. The next step is to get licensed, it does not matter how much you study if you do not have a license, you cannot practice the career. In order to get licensed you must pass two exams, one that is national, and the other which is from the state where you are going to work. Every time you move to a different state you have to get a different license, it is important to know that each state has its own requirement for the exam.

4. Finally the professional have to choose a specialization. This is not a must but is important in order to have more qualifications. The more common specializations are:

  • Hospice and Palliative Medicine.
  • Neuromuscular Medicine.
  • Pain Medicine.
  • Pediatric Rehabilitation.
  • Spinal Cord Injury Medicine.
  • Sports Medicine.

Note: License has to be renewed. How often depends on the state where you work. And in order to do it the professional must continue his/her preparation.

The salary of the physical therapists is a very good one; the least they can earn is $75,000 per year. However according to the place where they work it can increase. Professionals working in health facilities can make around $80 thousand. While the ones who work as home health professionals are the ones which earn the most, the salary they receive is from 85 to 105 thousand dollar per year.

Resumes for Counselling and Psychotherapy

Physical therapist

Social Work resume template

Social work is done by private institutions or the government in order to improve the living conditions of people with low resources or who are facing a problem. The social work looks for the social welfare of all the people regardless the economic situation they have. The function of the people involved in the social work (social workers) is to find ways to improve the quality of life of each human being, especially children.

Even when it is not exactly a social work, daycare workers perform an important role in society. Day care workers take care of babies or children during the day, especially when their parents are at work. Sometimes, this term is confused with babysitting, babysitter take occasional care of an infant, nevertheless it is a good idea for people who want to become a day care worker to start as a babysitter, because in this way they can get experience as well as references, this two things are very important to get a job in the field.

Day care professionals should receive some preparation (even when is not a must), because this preparation is considered when employers review resumes. The best way of becoming a day care worker is by following the steps provided below:

1. Obtain a certificate as a babysitter. These types of degrees are offered in hospital and are usually pretty short.
2. Get a CPR certifies. It can be obtain in a local hospital.
3. Get some experience by working as babysitter. Try to work for different people but for long periods of time, so that they can later give references about you.
4. Do volunteer work, taking care of babies, children or old people. It can be done in hospitals, churches, orphans, etc.
5. Prepare a resume that shows your skills and qualifications, especially the ones related which children. Also mention all the certifications and degrees you have (even if they are not related with the field). In the resume you have to add your references too, this is very important because people will need to hear about how you do your job before actually hiring you.
6. Present your resume at the day care offices. Sometimes, it may take a while before you get chosen, that is normal, so do not get desperate.
7. Even when it is not mandatory, getting a degree in psychology or nursing. It is not necessary to be a bachelor’s degree; an associate degree’s would be enough. Having any these degrees will give you an advantage over your competitors.

The salary of day care workers goes from 10 to 20 dollars per hour. However, in cases when the child or children have a psychical or mental problem the salary increases, it can go up to $26 for each hour of work. The salary also increases in the case care worker have to take care of several children at the same time. The normal number of children is one or two, more than that it is considered as an extraordinary situation and a new salary negotiation has to be done.

Resumes for Social Work

Daycare worker

Transport, logistics and distribution industry

Distribution resume templates

Distribution is a commercial activity in which producers transport the goods they produce in order to sell them to consumers. The distribution process depends on the type of company and also in the type of product it offers. During this process, many people participate developing a variety of actions as checking the quality of the product, doing all the arrangements, preparing the documentation, keep the inventory, etc.

There are several workers involved in distribution process, each one has different responsibilities according to the position they have. For example the postal worker, they process all type of correspondence (mails or packages). Postal workers usually work for United State Postal Service; however other types of companies (specially the big ones) hire these professionals too. A postal worker picks up the correspondence, sorts it and delivers it to the appropriate place (or department in the case of companies). Sometimes, they are responsible of collecting money, weighting packages, selling stamps or other postal supplies, etc. To become a postal worker all you need is a high schools diploma, specific degrees are not required. About the payment, the average salary they received is of $40 thousand per year.

Other workers involved in the distribution process are the shipping and receiving clerks, it is considered as an entry level job because the salaries are kind of low; however it is because to get a job a specific degree is not a must. The main obligations of shipping and receiving clerks are:

  • Prepare the orders of the customers for the shipment.
  • When products arrive, unpack it and verify that the all the products are in good shape.
  • Negotiate replacements with the vendors in case a problem is damaged.
  • Record data and generate bills about each shipment.
  • Arrange with vendors the inbound of products.

In the distribution field, the worker who has the highest position is the distribution manager. A distribution manager has several responsibilities and they usually work along with marketing managers. Some of the responsibilities of the distributions managers are:

  • Supervise the quality and quantity of the goods.
  • Train and assign tasks to the new staff members.
  • Track and manage inventory.
  • Solve inquiries and complains and give them a proper solution.
  • Track the delivery process and ensure the deliver process is done in a timely manner.
  • Make sure the products reach the market on time.

To become a distribution manager, it is necessary to at least have an associate degree in management, business administration or logistics and distribution. However, it is important to kwon that this degree will not be really useful when applying to large companies, they usually ask for bachelor’s or master’s degrees. The annual media salary for these professionals is of 80 thousand dollars per year. The type of company and the year of experience also influence it. Distribution managers who started in lower positions are the ones who have higher salaries because they are the ones who have more experience.

In order to make your search job easy, we provided you some samples of resumes which can instruct you about how to make yours correctly.

Resumes for Distribution

Distribution manager

Postal worker

Shipping and receiving

Transport Services resume templates

When people travel, they need to satisfy certain needs, for this reason it is necessary the transport service provider. They are professionals who provide all type of services to travelers. Transport service workers are in charge of developing different functions during trips, each one has an obligation which has to be done in order to achieve the clients’ satisfaction, it does not matter if the trip is done by airplanes, train, bus, ship, etc. Nevertheless, in this case we are going to focus on the airline field, some of the main transport service professionals are: airline managers, flight attendants, pilots.

Flight attendants have to assure the security and comfort of passengers, they carry out duties as:

  • Instruction of safety procedures to the passengers.
  • Supervise the well function of all the emergency and first-aid equipment kids.
  • Help passengers during emergency situations.
  • Provide assistance to the passengers who need it (children, sick people or elderly).
  • Solving the passengers’ inquiries.
  • Distribute snacks, meals and beverages, as well as headphones, pillows or blankets.
  • Keeping the inventory of all the things to be distributed.

To become a flight attendant, candidates must have at least a high school diploma, however nowadays due to the high competition, companies are looking for professionals with a bachelors’ degree in fields like nursing, communication, travel and tourism. You will also need to complete a certification program certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Also if you are interested in working in an international airline you must also have knowledge of several languages.

As flight attendants, pilots also work in airplanes however they are not in contact with passenger; they are in the cabin flying the airplane. They responsibilities of a pilot start before the plain tale off, pilot have to check all the navigation and operating system and develop a flight plan and check weather conditions. Thanks to the modern navigation systems of the airplanes, the job of the pilot during flights is easy; they have to take off or land the plane, and be aware of my emergency or a malfunction. If there is an emergency they have to communicate it to the passengers and to the air traffic control center. Becoming a pilot is not easy, even when a degree is not mandatory, having an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in physics or aeronautical engineering is advisable. Assist to a flight school certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), once you finish your preparation, you can obtain the pilot’s license. Some of the most popular schools are:

  • San Diego Flight Training International, it offers a 43-week certification course.
  • Delta Connection Academy, this academy offers an associate’s degree in Pilot Operations (2 years) and a professional pilot program which lasts one year.

On the other hand, airline managers work in an office usually at the airport. They have administrative functions as establishing the airlines procedures and policies for security, emergency, complains, etc. They also supervise staff members and assigns schedules and functions.

About all the professions previously mentioned, the one which highest salaries are the pilots, they make around the 75 thousand dollars per year, followed by the managers who receive around 65, while flight attendants receive a salary between 30 and 45 thousand dollars per year.

Resumes for Transport Services

Airline manager

Flight attendant


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