Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations Resume Templates

Advertising resume templates


The world of advertising is too competitive. You should be prepared to be creative at all times. Indeed, advertisers often have a broad knowledge about the kind of products and services that the public may or not like. However, advertisers must know how to present the product as something that looks interesting and valuable in order to encourage purchases. Now, let’s talk about the diverse types of advertising that are present in diverse places:

  • TV Advertising: Most candidates apply to TV advertising jobs because it is one of the most used forms of advertising.
  • Radio Advertising: Radio is still used as one of the most effective advertising tools. As surprising as it may sound, there is still a high percentage of people in the USA that listen to the radio.
  • Online Advertising: Its practice has been incremented due to the fact that the number of web users is high.
  • Press Advertising: It is another way to advertise products or services.
  • Billboard Advertising: The billboard ads are placed on strategic locations where the public can appreciate the ad itself without any distractions.

Since each type of advertising intends to reach a specific audience, it is your job to demonstrate that you have knowledge about these forms of advertising. You need to specify the kind of work experience that you’ve obtained within the world of advertising. Indeed, you must adapt your resume to the job description which means that you should include relevant information that talks about your experience in the world of advertising. Even though there are many ways to advertise a product, your resume should take emphasis on the type of advertising that the employer is looking for.

Now, if you would like to obtain a formal education in an advertising school before you send your resume, you may consider any of these universities:

  • Miami Ad School: It is located in Miami, Florida.
  • Academy of Art University: It is located in San Francisco, California.
  • School of Visual Arts: It is located in New York, New York.

The skills needed to work in commercial art/advertising are:

  • Organization skills.
  • Knowledge about media.
  • Communication skills.
  • Leadership skills.
  • Creativity.

Make sure to include them in your resume because these are some of the keywords that your employer will be looking for.

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Marketing resume templates

When you send your marketing resume, it is elemental to send a resume that reflects your capacity to create and implement marketing strategies. Without a doubt, your ability to create marketing strategies will be questioned. We are going to make a list about the most important concepts that you must know within the world of marketing. If you have not understood completely the meaning of these concepts, or you are unaware of their significance, you will not have a solid resume that guarantees a job interview.

Some of these marketing concepts are:

  • Product marketing.
  • Distribution.
  • Brand Management.
  • Strategy.
  • Activation.
  • Advertising.
  • Retail.
  • Pricing.

Demonstrate your ability to identify the type of customer that has a high probability to buy a specific product or service. Demonstrate how your marketing strategies have helped companies to maintain an excellent productivity. Nowadays, the marketing industry is basically accommodated according to the taste of every customer. For that, a lot of market research is conducted.

It is important to mention that the marketing industry follows the desires, concerns and complaints of all customers and this is why it is constantly improving the characteristics of already existing products. This is why you must show a genuine understanding about how your marketing strategies are directed to satisfy the demands of the customers. In other words, you should have an extensive knowledge about customer orientation. Indeed, if you have conducted several marketing or market research-both terms are completely different- before, you should consider including such important information in your resume. You may even want to indicate the type of research that you have conducted in order to include more details that enrich your resume.

Are you thinking about having a more extensive education background? Consider these excellent marketing schools:

  • University of Minnesota- Twin Cities.
  • University of Iowa.
  • University of Washington- Seattle.
  • Harvard University.
  • Columbia University.

Check these marketing resume templates.

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Public Relations resume templates

In order to work in the field of Public Relations, you would definitely have to demonstrate an ability to communicate ideas and interests to a specific public that is interested in listening to you. You should understand that you will be representing a company that has its own interests. Depending on your level of work, you may do research, promote dialogue, speak at press conferences, communicate with the rest of the company’s workers, etc.

Indeed, you should mention your capacity to persuade people because this is something that you will be doing frequently if you work in Public Relations. If you have a capacity to do speeches in public, say so. Any kind of talent that is related to the job of a public relations specialist is appreciated because your employer wants to hire a person who is actually fit to work in this industry.

Now we will mention some disciplines that exist within the field of Public Relations. As you can realize, these are the most common ones:

  • Consumer/Lifestyle public relations.
  • Crisis public relations.
  • Industry relations.
  • Government relations.

Public Relations may not be limited to a physical appearance in events. You may even work in Public Relations by writing on blogs and using social networks. You must know how to interact. It is something elemental for any PR specialist. You must know how to clear any questions or to mitigate any doubts. PR specialists often take an informative role which is why they are the first in talking to the public. If you have worked in companies where you took an informative role by taking to a local, nationwide or worldwide public, say so. Information like this should be included in your resume.

The field of public relations demands you to have a strong management of the language. This is why you must know how to express your thoughts without giving much room for misinterpretation. If you are looking to extend your knowledge about the field of public relations, you should consider studying in these universities:

  • Texas A & M University.
  • Temple University
  • Liberty University.
  • University of Vermont.
  • University of Central Arkansas.

If you can handle pressure and have excellent communication skills (both written and verbal) you may fit to work as a public relations specialist. Public relations resume templates often include the applicants’ capacity to attend different company’s issues. It is ideal to write an organized resume that reflects your unique talents as a public relations specialist.

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