Resume Templates for Animal Care Jobs

Animal Care Resume Templates

If you are thinking about working as a zoologist or as anything else within the industry of animal care, you should present a resume that mentions the most solid points about yourself when it comes to examining and taking care of animals. There is actually a wide range of activities that you can do. We are going to make a small list of usual tasks that are pertinent to zoologists. If you have performed any of them, we recommend that you include them in your resume. This is how you can gain the attention of the hiring manager.

List of activities that are related to a zoologist’s work:

  • Conduct frequent studies about the development of the animals within their natural habitat.
  • Record the number of animals that are present within a specific area.
  • Promote the preservation of natural habitats inside and outside your country.
  • Take care of animals that are in danger of extinction.
  • Collect new species for further identification and examination.
  • Study diseases that attack animals
  • Rescue animals that need care.

Add details when you mention something that is of great interest to the hiring manager. Talk in numbers, if possible. Have you saved many animals? Have you conducted a lot of researches? Have you encouraged the creation of important programs that simplify the life and development of animals? These questions have the purpose to encourage you to evaluate several aspects of your previous jobs. If you do so, you will be able to have a resume that is solid enough to be sent to the hiring manager.

Now that you have all the work details, you should take a considerable time to mention all your skills and talents. This information is usually placed before the work section, and it is something that your hiring manager will be reading. Some of the skills that are expected from zoologists are:

  • Ability to monitor different events.
  • Organization, leadership and communication skills.
  • Excellent use of computers and laboratory equipment and materials.
  • Excellent capacity to develop strategies.
  • Immediate problem solving skills.

Getting a post graduate degree is an excellent idea for those who would like to apply for a higher job position. This is our list of the universities that offer post graduate degrees:

  • Iowa State University
    Zoology and Animal Biology (master’s degree): It is located in Ames, Iowa.
  • Miami University
    Zoology and Animal Biology (master’s degree): It is located in Oxford, Ohio.
  • Michigan State University
    Zoo and Aquarium Management (master’s degree): It is located in East Lansing, Michigan.
  • Oregon State University
    Zoology (master’s degree): It is located in Corvallis, Oregon.
  • Oklahoma State University
    Zoology and Animal Biology (master’s degree): It is located in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

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