How to Handle Availability on a Resume

Availability is a topic that is not typically explained by resume guides. In fact, it is quite rare to see the topic of availability on resume templates at all. The reality is that stating your availability in a professional and appropriate way can be very important if you’re applying for a weekend or evening job. Not everyone is looking for a job that offers traditional work hours.


The good news is that your desire to work overnight shifts or weekend hours could actually make you an attractive candidate for many positions. It is important to clearly state your availability on your resume before you show up for an interview and encounter any misunderstandings regarding scheduling. Some reasons why you would need to be specific regarding your availability include:

  • You’re a student looking for a weekend job
  • You’re a student or teacher looking for a seasonal position
  • You’re a waiter with a preference for weekend hours
  • You’re a medical professional seeking an overnight position
  • You’re a parent seeking family-friendly hours

How to Write Availability on Resume Drafts

The last thing you want to do is inconvenience a hiring manager by failing to mention that you have limited availability or that you prefer to work a certain shift. It’s a good idea to place your availability near the top of your resume because it is something that a hiring manager will have to take into consideration as they evaluate your qualifications for a specific position.

The good news is that it is quite easy to work your availability into your resume in a way that is smooth and natural. Your availability is actually something that can be worked into your objective statement. Some phrases that you can work into your objective statement to make your availability clear are:

  • Looking for weekend and evening hours
  • Seeking a third-shift position as a nurse
  • Seeking a job as a waiter during the summer months
  • Seeking a position with flexible hours
  • Available to take overnight shifts

Be Specific When Mentioning Availability

It’s important to be as specific as possible when mentioning your availability on your resume. Avoid simply stating that you’re looking for part-time or seasonal employment. You can state the exact times you’re available during the week if you don’t have any flexibility in your personal schedule. Students should state their last days of classes if they are looking for jobs that can be worked during a summer vacation or a long winter break.

The Right Resume Can Help You Get Hired for the Right Position

It’s important to look for tips for how to handle limited availability on resume templates if you’ll be searching for a job soon. Failing to state that you have limited or short-term availability could cause misunderstandings that will hurt your chances of being hired.

Knowing how to write availability on resume drafts the right way will help you land a job that offers the hours your specific lifestyle demands. Following a professional template for how to write availability for job positions will ensure that you will be considered for positions that accurately match your availability.