Construction interview questions

Question: Did your value-added engineering skills bring greater profit to the company?
Answer: Delivered approximately $10 million in additional profit through value-added engineering.


Question: Did you help bring in new business?
Answer: Secured in excess of $1 billion in new business over career; led entry into more lucrative markets.

Question: Did you improve the percentage of bids awarded on estimates?
Answer: Improved company’s hit ratio by 27%, securing more than $513 million in contracts over a 3-year period.

Question: Do you have a good history of avoiding disputes/claims/litigation?
Answer: Maintained litigation-free record for claims throughout 17-year career; paired business savvy with technical expertise to avoid costly disputes/claims.

Question: Do you have a strong record for on-time completion of projects?
Answer: Consistently met project deadlines— completed recent $60 million CalTrans project in 60% of time, earning 100% of additional $400,000 incentive bonus for company.

Question: Did you improve customer relations?
Answer: Received positive feedback from numerous clients (for example, County of Los Angeles, CalTrans, etc.). Typical client comment: “It’s the best-looking job we’ve seen.”

Question: How have you demonstrated your leadership skills?
Answer: Commissioned with leading district through rapid yet positive and productive change—implemented site-based management that now involves staff and community in identifying curricular needs. Completed strategic planning process that produced district’s first mission statement and multiyear district-wide objectives.

Question: What fiscal impacts have you had on the district?
Answer: Balanced district’s budget, correcting a 5-year deficit-spending pattern and regaining fiscal control from county/state auspices; district continues to maintain a prudent 5% reserve.
Dealt with severe budget reductions during the state-wide recession to maintain district solvency.

Question: How have you dealt with enrollment increases?
Answer: Developed and implemented successful model for a year-round program to accommodate annual 13% student growth factor.

Question: Do you have experience with facility-expansion projects?
Answer: Addressed a steady and growing annual student enrollment of 15% with an aggressive district-wide facilities plan; built a new 7th– 8th-grade junior high school and instituted multiyear modernization program for 12 elementary schools.

Question: Were there divisive issues/groups that you brought to consensus?
Answer: Developed a yearly management-by-objective model wherein all district administrators have the opportunity to identify instructional and operational objectives; the program has provided a more unified district direction.

Question: Did you solicit input from leading educational consultants?
Answer: Teamed with prestigious Berkeley think tank to shore up strategic plan and reorganize district that services more than 75,000 students.

Question: Were there long-range planning initiatives developed?
Answer: Guided strategic planning process built on meaningful involvement of staff, parents, and community— collectively developed a district mission and vision statement incorporated within a five-year plan with corre-sponding strategic goals through 2007.

Question: How have you affected curriculum development and alignment?
Answer: Restructured district’s curricular offerings through the vehicle of a District-Wide Task Force— established district’s first set of grade-level expectancies through the secondary level.
Introduced technology initiative and identified appropriate software that supported grade-level compe-tencies ranging from minimum to extended curricular objectives.

Question: How did you draw on or increase support from community groups or the business sector?
Answer: Sought input and meaningful involvement from educational stakeholders through district-wide superintendent roundtables, business-education partnerships, law enforcement alliances, and superintendent-parent forums.

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