Warehouse management interview questions

Question: Did you improve service to your internal customers?
Answer: Improved shipping goals from unacceptable levels to 98% accuracy as part of service commitment to 43 branches.


Question: Did you make any changes that improved inventory levels or warehousing?
Answer: Disposed of $800,000 in excess inventories and negotiated supplier warehousing of raw materials at no cost to company.

Question: Did you participate in special task forces?
Answer: Led Purchasing Task Team for implementation of MRPII program.

Question: Did you generate new money-saving ideas?
Answer: Set company record for highest number of successful cost-saving proposals.

Question: Did you set up any new facilities?
Answer: Launched successful start-up of three distribution facilities, including site selection, lease negotiations, capital equipment acquisition, personnel recruitment, inventory stocking, and operations policy development.

Question: Did you outsource any operations at a savings to the company?
Answer: Coauthored concept for use of third-party contractors, slashing $5.2 million in annual operating costs for ware-housing, transportation, and labor; program was subsequently adopted nationwide.

Question: Did you expedite shipments by any measurable amount?
Answer: Conceived “drop ship” program that captured $8.2 million savings; engi-neered production to package and distribute 80,000 units in 5 days for program launch (project of this size typically required one month’s lead time).

Question: Did you reduce demands on warehouse operations by any measurable amounts?
Answer: Implemented closed-loop MRP in BPCS 6.0; system reduced finished goods inventory 14%, increased turns 30%, reduced raw material packaging inventory 14% ($500K), and increased order-fulfillment levels by 150,000 cases annually.

Question: Were inventory accuracy measurements in place?
Answer: Improved inventory accuracy from 78% to 99% through use of structured processes and procedures (cycle counting, input/output controls, etc.).

Warehouse/Distribution Management Job Titles

These Warehouse/Distribution Management interview questions can be used in many careers. Check these Job Titles related to Warehouse management and Distribution positions:

  • General Laborer
  • Forklift Driver/Operator
  • Material Handler
  • Shipping and Receiving Associate
  • Shipping Specialist
  • Loader
  • Merchandise Pickup/Receiving Associate
  • Receiver
  • Warehouse Worker
  • Stock Clerk
  • Chemical Plant Operator
  • Chief Manufacturing Executive
  • Chief Quality Control Executive
  • Warehouse Clerk
  • Tool Room Supervisor
  • Tool and Die Maker
  • Wafer Processing Technician
  • Warehouse Associate
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Safety Manager
  • Safety Manager/Coordinator
  • Safety Technician
  • Senior Buyer
  • Semiconductor Processor
  • Shift Supervisor
  • Production Supervisor
  • Production Technician