Medical and Hospital Interview Questions

Question: Did you improve the financial viability of the organization?
Answer: Delivered threefold improvement in hospital’s operating margin, from $4.2 million to $16.9 million over a 4-year period.


Question: Did you introduce new programs/profit centers?
Answers: Envisioned and managed new profit center, a successful multisite occupational medicine program that grew from start-up phase to generate $1.5 million in annual revenue.
Challenged with creation and launch of new Medicare-certified home health program—accomplished staffing and obtained certification in only 10 weeks.
Program now commands dominant share of home health market with gross revenues in excess of $2 million (24,000 visits per year).

Question: Did you improve the facility’s performance on regulatory surveys?
Answers: Positioned facilities with several-year history of unfavorable JCAHO survey to capture passing scores.
Prepared hospital for JCAHO survey, securing 98% survey results with accommodation.

Question: Did you start any new programs?
Answer: Catalyst behind development of a clinically sound, financially solvent general dentistry residency program at Veteran’s Administration Hospital.

Question: Did you introduce new technology?
Answer: Instrumental in selection and installa-tion of multisite health system’s $100,000 technology upgrade that replaced disparate programs with state-of-the-art technology, integrating critical patient and management data across all functional areas and locations.

Question: Did you undergo any major changes in organizational structure?
Answer: Member of transition team that crafted comprehensive plan for merger of 425-bed, county-operated hospital with privately owned health-care system. Sought input from multiple disciplines to ensure sound transitional strategies and uninterrupted provision of services.

Question: Did you have fluctuations in patient care demands?
Answer: Devised contractual system to manage fluctuating home health care patient caseload.

Question: Were you in charge of physician credentialing?
Answer: Introduced concept for across-the-system physician credentialing used as model for other health systems.

Question: Were there any noncompliance issues that you dealt with?
Answer: Brought physician recruitment practices into compliance with Stark II and Fraud & Abuse laws.

Question: Did you foresee problems and devise solutions to avert possible litigation against the facility?
Answer: Identified safety issues and risk trends and presented solutions that averted significant exposure/litigation for hospital.

Question: Did you introduce any new systems?
Answer: Developed bundling system for physician hospital privileging.

Question: Were you involved in any process reengineering?
Answer: Led process reengineering teams that captured a 50% reduction in corporate medical transcription costs.

Question: Did you direct or implement any consolidation or centralization of services?
Answers: Consolidated main laboratory facility with six stat labs, reducing operating expenses by approximately 45%.
Orchestrated consolidation of management functions relating to three hospitals, yielding a $1.6 million expense reduction.

Question: Did you expand service delivery?
Answer: Expanded hospital-based ambulance program from 18 to 26 vehicles, adding $300,000 to profit-center revenues.

Question: Did you prepare your facility or department for accreditation?
Answer: Prepared laboratory for successful CAP accreditation process in just seven weeks.

Question: Did you negotiate contracts favorable to the facility?
Answer: Negotiated vendor agreements, obtaining reagents at discounted costs normally offered only to labs with three times the volume.

Question: Did you take a money-losing venture and turn it around?
Answer: Turned underperforming unit into a viable operation while competing in aggressive managed-care environment.

Question: Were there increased demands on your staff that you accommodated without having to add new employees?
Answer: Accommodated 30% increase in volume using existing staff, without compromising quality standards.

Question: Did you establish or help establish a new health-maintenance organization?
Answer: Sourced and established competitive provider network (780+ physicians) requisite to HCFA certification in a nine-county service area—accomplished task in just six weeks.

Question: Did you turn around or help turn around an existing health-maintenance organization?
Answer: Architect for organizational restruc-turing that resulted in a 40% growth in revenue, doubling of HMO lives covered, 7% reduction in administrative expenses, and 50% improvement in claims turnaround.

Question: Are you experienced in managed-care contracting?
Answer: Formulated contracting strategy for rehabilitation hospital, resulting in three new contracts flowing to organization.

Question: Did quality of care improve?
Answer: Boosted quality-assurance ratings from 82% to 94% through design and implementation of an enterprise-wide compliance program.

Question: Did patient satisfaction improve?
Answer: Improved surgery center’s patient satisfaction scores from 92% to 98%, the result of CQI teams and employee-recognition campaign.

Question: Did you save money without compromising care?
Answer: Led revision of case-management program; trimmed some $800,000 from upcoming budget in related DRGs.

Question: Have you helped the facility stay at the forefront of industry trends?
Answer: Advanced CQI philosophy in late 1980s and early 1990s and defined pathway team functions.
Initiated formation of Inpatient Care Model, inviting physician collaboration throughout process.

Question: Have you helped your facility or department become more competitive?
Answer: Developed business-driven policies for Emergency Department that controlled staffing costs, improved quality of care, and reduced patient wait time to with-in national average.

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