Interview Questions for an IT position

Question: What improvements did you make to net profit, and were those improvements a record for the company?
Answer: Delivered a 7% increase to net profits, a record high for the company.


Question: Were you faced with stagnant/declining revenues?
Answer: Recruited as change agent to retool organization and reverse downward revenue spiral; within 12 months, delivered profits representing a 19% improvement.

Question: Did you correct excessive inventory levels?
Answer: Rectified half-million-dollar losses resulting from inventory mismanagement.

Question: What was the biggest cost-saving device you implemented?
Answer: Slashed key expense item by 62% through improved purchasing and inventory controls.

Question: What kind of measurement tracked customer service levels? Did it improve?
Answer: Earned 99% CSI ratings, the highest in the district and a first for the branch.

Question: Did you improve morale or productivity, or did you reduce turnover in your workforce?
Answer: Reduced turnover from 55% to less than 7% and transitioned unskilled labor force into a culturally diverse staff trained in current technology.

Question: Were there problems with the integrity or accuracy of financial data?
Answer: Recruited CFO from Big 6 firm to establish accounting processes and internal controls; collaborated on 5-year financial strategic plan and implementation of world-class accounting system.

Question: Did you correct excessive costs?
Answer: Brought aberrant operating expenses in line with national average, signifi-cantly reducing annual costs by more than $6 million.

Question: Were you recruited to resolve a major problem?
Answer: Reorganized existing business to eliminate company’s multimillion-dollar debt within first year.

Question: Did you expand with import or export operations?
Answer: Envisioned and brought to fruition a foreign import operation that generated a 40% return.

Question: Were there challenging labor issues?
Answer 1: Led management effort to decertify union, prevent property damage, and protect 800 nonunion workers.
Answer 2: Rectified long-standing history of management-labor tensions; offered concessions on behalf of company that influenced morale and, ultimately, a 17% increase in plant productivity (without sacrifice to company earnings).

Question: Did you direct any facility expansions or new construction projects?
Answer: Proposed, designed, and supervised construction of 180,000-sq.ft. processing and cold-storage facility; $7 million facility captured ROI in less than five years and remains state-of-the-art some 10 years later.

Information Technology Related Jobs

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  • computer and related services manager
  • data processing manager
  • computer applications manager
  • IT (information technology) development manager
  • computer department co-ordinator
  • director, information systems operations
  • information systems manager
  • data processing planning manager
  • computer development division head
  • software development manager
  • computer manager
  • computer networks manager
  • computer programs manager
  • MIS (management information system) manager
  • computer projects manager
  • computer software design manager
  • computer system operations manager
  • IT (information technology) integration manager
  • computer systems development manager
  • systems operations manager – computer systems
  • computer systems manager
  • data centre manager
  • data processing and systems analysis manager
  • data processing director
  • director, data processing
  • director, information systems development
  • director of technology management
  • director, software engineering
  • EDP (electronic data processing) manager
  • electronic data processing (EDP) manager
  • information technology (IT) development manager
  • computer facility manager
  • computerized information systems manager
  • computerized technical information manager
  • information technology (IT) integration manager
  • Internet systems administrator
  • management information system (MIS) manager
  • computer development division manager