Favorite Interview Questions of Nonprofit Employers

Question: Did you bring new ideas or vision to the organization?
Answer: Introduced business-driven orientation and management principles to non-profit organization that contributed to a doubling in general fund reserves.


Question: Did you recruit new volunteers or expand the volunteer base significantly?
Answer: Recruited, trained, and motivated a tireless volunteer corps of more than 300, a sixfold increase.

Question: What types of community outreach did you do?
Answer: Reached more than 100,000 people annually through wellness programs, health fairs, promotional events, and network meetings.

Question: Did you introduce new ideas to motivate volunteers?
Answer: Created “Volunteer Luncheon” as a successful vehicle to inform and increase volunteer participation.

Question: Did you create business partnerships/ linkages?
Answer: Launched “Automatic External Defibrillator Project,” resulting in placement of 20 AEDs in local businesses and a commitment from Community Health System to sponsor this $60,000 project.

Question: Were fund-raising costs reduced or below average?
Answer: Cut fund-raising costs to 12% (below national average of 16%).

Question: Were any of your ideas used as a model by other agencies or beyond your area?
Answer: Envisioned and planned successful event subsequently used by organization nationwide.

Question: Did you strengthen your Board of Directors?
Answer: Revitalized Board of Directors with influential, affluent, and diverse members of the community.

Non-Profit Jobs

These Non-Profit interview questions can be used in many careers. Check these job titles related to Non-Profit positions.

Non-Profit Financial Management Job Titles

  • Accounting Manager
  • Financial Director
  • Fundraising Manager
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Grants Management Coordinator
  • Non-Profit Organization Secretary
  • Non-Profit Treasurer
  • Non-Profit Budgeting Manager
  • Management Accountant

Non-Profit Higher-Level Management Job Titles

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Managing Director
  • Non-Profit Board President
  • Non-Profit Executive Director
  • Executive Services Officer
  • Non-Profit Development Director
  • Non-Profit Chief Operating Officer
  • Policy Manager

Non-Profit Administrative Management Job Titles

  • Non-Profit Office Manager
  • Administrative Support Director
  • Non-Profit Facility Manager
  • Administrative Analyst
  • Program Director
  • Special Program Director
  • Non-Profit Program Assistant
  • Client Relations Manager
  • Press Relations Manager
  • Non-Profit Events Project Manager
  • Non-Profit Case Manager Supervisor