Program Manager Interview Questions

Question: Was your caseload large or difficult to manage?
Answer 1: Initially challenged with managing a significant backlog of generalist cases; recognized by supervisor for quickly bringing caseload up-to-date and aggressively seeking new clientele.
Answer 2: Subsequently incorporated caseload of another Rehabilitation Counselor into existing caseload while producing 102% of quota for job placements.


Question: What are you most proud of?
Answer: Created “Jobs for Life” program that was subsequently endorsed by the state and marketed to other Jobs for Life branches, generating $300,000+ in new revenue for local branch.

Question: Did you start any new programs?
Answer: Developed, implemented, and managed social service and training programs servicing as many as 300 participants.

Question: Did you put innovative programs in place?
Answer: Championed welfare-to-work programs well before the concept was popularly adopted and envisioned; implemented and managed programs that were duplicated by other counties because of their success.

Question: How would colleagues describe you?
Answer 1: Earned a reputation as a goal-oriented, reality-based counselor with a lifelong commitment to helping individuals with disabilities.
Answer 2: Noted by supervisors and coworkers for sensitivity, rapport, and professionalism in relating to clients of varying ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Question: Did you create alliances with other agencies that benefited your organization?
Answer: Collaborated on writing contract that combined the services of regional mental health, state department of rehabilitation, and local hospitals; outcome provided increased access to services at a reduced cost to the agency.

Question: Did you write grants to access new funding?
Answer: Successful grant-writing experience: wrote grants for more than 20 programs; funding received represents more than $750,000 for program services.

Question: Did you find new or different funding sources?
Answer: Researched and accessed grants from lesser-known private funding sources, representing more than 40% of the agency’s operating budget.

Question: Did you increase traditional funding?
Answer: Increased federal funding by 25% for Tri-County Commission on Youth.

Question: Do you have a strong track record for regulatory compliance?
Answer: Received flawless state audit, improving prior administration’s history of unfavorable survey scores.

Question: Did you improve clients’ access to services?
Answer: Increased clients’ access to state ser-vices as a result of thorough assessments and intricate knowledge of eligibility requirements.

Question: Did you increase clients’ access to services?
Answer: Located additional sources of medical and psychosocial services for geriatric population.

Question: Did you work with volunteers?
Answer: Revitalized convalescent home’s struggling junior-senior volunteer program into a productive operation; coordinate the service of more than 30 volunteers weekly.

Question: Were you able to change/improve the behavior of your clients through various therapeutic interventions?
Answer: Introduced innovative music-therapy programs successful in reducing nega-tive behaviors in developmentally disabled adolescents.

Question: Were you selected to present techniques, programs, or findings at a professional meeting?
Answer: Invited to present findings on successful program at NAMT’s Western Regional Conference.

Question: Have you taught at the college level?
Answer: Designed and presented instruction for undergraduate and graduate psychology course work; focused on movement and dance therapy as an adjunct to clinical therapy.

Question: Are you actively involved in professional organizations?
Answer: Actively involved in professional organizations; elected President of Sierra Mental Health Advisory Board and President of local chapters of American Psychological Association and Society of Pediatric Psychology.

Question: Are you the office “guru” on any particular subject?
Answer: Utilized as a resource by 20-member staff for in-depth knowledge of federal and state assistance programs; committed to memory complex government regulations for five different public-aid programs.

Program Manager Job Titles

These Program Manager interview questions can be used in many careers such as social manager, Rehabilitation Counselor or Program executive. Check these Job Titles related to Program Manager positions:

  • Project Associate
  • Associate Project Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Project Coordinator
  • Project Lead
  • Pmo Project Lead
  • Project Director
  • Manager Project Management
  • Construction Project Superintendent
  • Construction Senior Project Manager
  • Director Project Management
  • Administrative Services Manager
  • Social manager
  • Rehabilitation Counselor
  • Program executive
  • Pmo Director
  • Pmo Project Manager
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Chief Project Manager
  • Vp Project Management
  • Engineering Service Project Manager
  • Compensation And Benefits Manager
  • Client Servicing Pm
  • Construction Project Co-Ordinator
  • Construction Project Manager
  • Technical Project Manager
  • Project Executive
  • Advertising Or Marketing Manager
  • Technical Project Lead
  • Business Project Manager
  • Business Project Lead
  • Program Manager