Two Tried-and-True Winning Formats: Chronological and Functional

Here, you’ll discover that, beyond the functional or chronological resume formats, you can look over numerous other configuration format variations, one of which will suit your unique mix of career experiences.

Testing Chronological / Functional pros and cons

Most of resumes fall into two distinct genres: chronological and functional. Measure the pros and cons of every format when determining which to utilize.

¿Functional or chronological resume?

In case you’re a candidate who might go either way, compose both versions; then you should test the resume with colleagues who have HR backgrounds or hiring knowledge. Honest feedback from friends or partners can be significant in deciding the best -Functional or Chronological- presentation for your resume.

Strengths of Chronological and Functional Formats

This test is an improved equation you should use when you need to have ready a resume shortly, your best resume format. For those of you with inquisitive personalities who need to know the methodology behind why you’re utilizing a specific format, you’ll take advantage from reading this webpage.

Key-Points whereby Chronological Format is recommended

  • Strong career progression over past five-plus years, seeking position similar to current or most recent position.
  • Impressive employers: large, strong name recognition; favorable reputation; Fortune 500 companies.
  • Executive or management candidate.
  • Working through executive recruiter for your job search.
  • International job search.
  • Conservative field or industry: law, accounting or government.
  • Reentering the workforce (same career) after a several-year hiatus.
  • Changing fields: same function, new industry.
  • Leaving the military, performing similar job function.
  • New graduate with experience related to chosen field

Key-Points whereby Functional Format is recommended

  • Reentering the workforce (different career) after a several-year hiatus
  • Changing careers (new function, say, from secretarial to sales)
  • Changing fields (same function, new industry)
  • Leaving the military, pursuing different job function
  • Lots of volunteer experience related to your chosen field
  • New graduate with experience unrelated to chosen field
  • Performed very similar responsibilities repeatedly for past employers and looking for similar position
  • Unstable work history (changed jobs too often, lots of gaps in employment timeline, spouse relocated frequently, and so on)
  • “Overqualified” and looking for less responsibility
  • “Seasoned citizen” with extensive work history looking for less responsibility

After reading this list

The chronologicals points outweighs the functionals? Maybe you should use a chronological format. Otherwise, if you have more “functional” commonalities, consider presenting your resume in a functional format.