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Find here our collection with the most common resume templates for all types of jobs. They’re grouped by professional categories so then you can easily access to any of them, regardless of the job position to which you may want to apply. All of them were written carefully because we are aware of how each job position demands a different writing approach. We hope that our resume templates help to give you some insight about how you should write a resume properly.

Remember, a concisely written resume increases your chances of obtaining a job!

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How to choose a good Resume Template

Writing a good, well-written resume is highly important for many applicants and the most important part of a resume is the information that is inside of it, yet that doesn’t mean that the form in which the resume is presented doesn’t matter. Picking a good resume template can be highly important and helps the resume flow easily.


But before we address how to choose a good resume template, you need to know what a resume template is. Basically, there are several ways one can write their resume; a chronological resume is one of them.

A chronological resume, like other resumes, is supposed to show an employer why you would make a great addition to their working team and the credentials that you posses; the goal is the same, which is to sell yourself to an employer in order to get hired. The chronological resume is the perfect resume to use if you are an individual who has a long history of working experience. If you are interested in learning how to choose a good resume template, keep reading this article.

Choosing a good Resume Template

There are several aspects you need to control in order to be sure you’re selecting the best Chronological Resume Template which fit your needs. Don’t forget that your own information is the most important ingredient of the resume, therefore, the only thing you must check in an high quality template is its own format.

The Chronological Resume should follow this format:

1 Personal data and contact information

Write your full name here; make sure to use at least a 16 point font when writing your name. Here you should write your contact info, which includes: your phone, email and other contact info.

2 Describe your Credentials

In this section of a chronological resume, you need to describe your credentials. Always make sure to highlight your past educational accomplishments such as: your high school diploma, your high school GPA, any degrees you have, any working experience, any volunteer work. This section of the resume should persuade the employer into thinking that you are the best fit for the position. Remember: highlight every positive accomplishment you have accomplished. This section should use six bullet points.

For example:

  • Add the different languages you speak, if any.
  • Add any educational accomplishments.
  • Add your GPA in college and high school.
  • Add qualities that make you fit for the job.
  • And always make sure you don’t write more than six bullet points.
3 Employment History

This section will be used to describe your past employment history. This part of a chronological resume should be in this format:

Name the position you Held (make sure to put this in bold)

The company’s name and the address

Describe what you did in the company using no more than 6 bullet points, for example:

  • Cleaned the animal cages
  • Fed the animals
  • Managed adoptions
  • Took the animals to the vet
  • Helped bathe the animals
4 Education

Here you will describe your education in detail, and you can list as many degrees and educational accomplishments as you can.

Here is the format that it must follow:

4.1 What you studied

The diploma you earned and the year you graduated

Describe it in details.

4.2 Workshops and Seminars

Here you will describe any past workshops or seminars you have attended; remember: employers love to know if potential employees look for ways to expand their skills. If you haven’t taken any courses or seminars, doing so will help your chances of landing the job.

4.3 Community Work

Here you will describe any community work that you’ve been a part of. Describe what you’ve done for your community, and you should also describe any volunteer work you’ve been a part of.

Overall, this has been a format you can use for writing your chronological resume. The most important thing to consider is to always place a great emphasis on the qualities that make you a good fit for the position that is being offered.